What's the most interesting car you saw today?

This afternoon I saw some sort of 1960s roadster – I only saw it from half a block away as it turned the corner, but I think it was a Datsun, mainly because I’ve a Datsun roadster like that around town before, so it was likely the same one.

My mom looked at one of those, but she and dad thought it sounded ‘tinny’; she got an MGB. (She’d also looked at an E-Type Jag, but it didn’t have a back seat.)

Went for a bike ride this morning, and came across this 1960ish Cadillac. It was a solid “20-footer” – it looked perfect from a distance, but as I got closer the faded paint and other flaws became apparent.


Later I came across this Dodge Coronet:




Today we saw a 1959 or 1960 Chevrolet station wagon, all-ver bright red like this one:

I admit it took me several hours before I got the joke, but I think @QuickSilver is interpreting “came” in that quote as slang for “ejaculated”. Which is completely in the spirit of this other thread:

1968 or 1969 AMC AMX. Looked to be in good shape, and being driven. I always liked those, especially with the 390.

A 2 door Toyota J40 Land Cruiser, not sure what year but it looked more modern than some I’ve seen. I’m guessing middle 70’s.

A cherry 67 Sport Fury convertible in metallic orange with modern 18" wheels that really complimented the car. First one I’ve ever seen.

1959 Chevy Impala sedan. With the tail wings.

The one that drove into my apartment complex pool a few minutes ago (driver and passenger appear to be ok)

Wow! Does your complex have cc cameras? Would love to see the video.

Now if they’d been driving a Volkswagen…

Well, we have signs that SAY there are security cameras, but it’s just a bluff. I’m thinking there’s a possibility this will close the pool for the rest of the summer.

I don’t pay that much attention to cars, but I did find out that the car I occasionally see that looks like it was painted with a spray can does indeed belong to a neighbor.

An MGB and another British roadster of undetermined vintage.

For those too young to get the reference:

I see one every day! :sunglasses: Seriously, though; there’s an Iris Blue one down at the mechanic’s. He still has the burgundy '75 easy restoration for sale for about $2,000.

On my drive home from a few days in the Berkshires I spotted a 1968 Mustang GT convertible with some sort of blower coming through the hood. It wasn’t showroom condition, but looked like one that had been driven hard at times.

A Ferrari 488 Pista. Bright, red, pretty.

An El Camino SS, in orange with black hood stripes.