What's the most interesting car you saw today?

Every time I see one of those slab-sided Lincolns from the early 60s, I hear kazoo music and think of the TV sitcome ‘Green Acres’.

My old Micro-Economics Professor served in the Johnson administration. He told stories of shooting deer with Johnson out of the car with the top down and the Secret Service following them. Decadent and probably true.

When I was walking home from the store today the Apple Maps camera car drove by. So I guess I’m going to be on whatever Apple calls their equivalent of Street View.

A '58 Edsel Citation, two-tone black/dark green.

Parked at a graveyard in the Baltic countryside:

A restored Moskvitch.

1961-1964 Ford Falcon. Looked to be in excellent condition. And it was a station wagon—probably the least likely body style to survive this long.

Late '40’s or early '50’s Studebaker, not quite as boldly styled as this model but in that color.

Yesterday I saw a smart car with a lift kit and oversized wheels, almost identical to this. It also had a row of KC lights across the top and a snorkel. I assume the owner was trying to make it look like a little baby Jeep.

1968 Chevrolet Impala. It had the formal notch back roof and was red with a white vinyl top. It was in stellar shape and had a very healthy, throaty sound.

I didn’t at all care for the large ( 20 inch or so ) wheels and very low profile tires, but at least they were chorme-ish and not the staid looking black wheels that seem to be on so many cars with sporting pretensions today.

Thought folks might be interested in this story about the only Porsche on a small Pacific Island. The island only has 90 miles of road, and the speed limit is 50 km/h (about 31 mph).

The story came back to me because Duncan Sanderson died a few days ago, and he was the father of a friend of mine from high school. He was also a real activist for Norfolk Island political autonomy.

A red Porsche 928; they were last made 26 years ago!

So this Jeep I saw at the mechanic’s shop I brought my car to today definitely qualifies as among the most interesting cars I’ve ever seen… And that includes the driver, who showed up after I took the first two pictures

1930s Rolls Royce Phantom. Keep seeing it driving around. Think it might be a wedding hire car.

Also saw an old Trabant rotting away on somebodies driveway

A car with a license plate frame from a local used car place with a B&W* TX personalized plate. I guess they could have bought it here, moved to TX & are back for a visit but we’re nowhere near TX, not even the same time zone & close to 24 hrs straight-thru drive to the closest part of TX.

** The letters were white on a black background while the top was a black “Texas” on a white background with a hard line between the color changes. Never seen a plate like that before.

Also saw a Maybach SUV; before I could tell exactly what it was I knew it was 'spensive; it just looked luxury

I spotted a silver Audi convertible at a traffic light, and at first I thought it was a TT. But I noticed the V10 badge on the side, took a closer look, and it was an R8 Spyder. For such a cool car it’s fairly plain in appearance.

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This morning on the way to work I saw a Porsche 928.

Yeah, I think that the sypder conversion doesn’t do the R8 any favors. The coupe is a much better-looking car, IMO.

Audi likes the understated look. Maybe fewer traffic tickets?

This thread has been going on for years and I will confess I never read any of the posts and have never had any interesting car sightings to contribute, until last weekend.

I was approaching a busy intersection and crossing the intersection, coming towards me I see something unrecognizable. I first thought it might be a military vehicle (we have an Air National Guard and an Army Guard close by). It was a large, open-air vehicle with a bunch of people in it. When it passed me, my mouth fell open. It was a pontoon boat made into a vehicle. There was a bunch of senior citizens in it going for a joy ride.

On a walk today I spotted this gem; 1953 Kaiser Manhattan

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