What's the most interesting car you saw today?

Fiat 124 Spider Abarth of fairly recent vintage, though it needed detailing. It does look sturdier than the 124s of my youth.

A friend’s brother had one of the previous iterations of the 124, and I remember that coinciding with the “Fix It Again, Tony” meme back in the 70s…

1970 Chevelle SS, I love those cars.

It’s the 4th of July at the beach. I saw a variety of '20s, '30s, and '60s cars. Also a purple Datsun pickup with a V-8 under the hood. I drove my '66 MGB (for a pint of Shabby Tabby at Beach Cat Brewing) and waved at a chartreuse mid- to late-'70s MGB coming the other way along the beach on the way home.

I was up in the northern reaches of VT and all sorts of interesting cars on the road and hidden in the weeds on the sides of houses. A few that stood out; two mid-70s VW bugs, a 1960 Chevy Bel Air, a 1950’s Ford pickup, and a few junkers in fields that I took pictures of and will try to identify.

Saw a Mustang Mach-E. Didn’t even know Ford made a Mustang SUV, let alone electric. It was beautiful. Way out of my price range, though—I’m cursed by expensive taste. :sunglasses:

We finally had a couple of Formula 4 cars at the race track this weekend. It was nice to finally lay eyes on a new open wheel racecar.

A ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ type of car, a 1931 Ford Model A. It’s for sale. $16,000 asking price.

I saw a second generation Corvair coupe tonight, in a dark burgundy red with a black roof.

A Mazda Bongo flatbed truck. I’ll have to go back today to where it’s parked to get a closer look and hopefully a photo.

In traffic today I was behind a Lamborghini , looked new-ish, no model ID. I did a Google image search but didn’t find an image of what I saw.

A little more searching and this is what I think I saw, not so newish.

Here are some photos of the Bongo. I spoke to a friend who happens to work with the owner and he said this is the second one the guy has imported from Japan.

Google Photos

Google Photos

And a bonus shot of a VW van I’ve seen around the neighborhood for years.

Google Photos

Maybe a Huracan?

The Huracan is the successor model to the Gallardo. It has similar lines, but is a bit more sleek and modern looking.



That Bongo looks sturdy and easy to drive. But being a Mazda, it’s probably got nanny warnings and rules all over it. Still, I would love to test drive it.

I was behind it and got a really good look at the rear view. The back end looked more like this, the Gallardo, than the Huracan.


It’s imported from Japan, no idea if it has nanny warnings.

Taking a slightly different way home after work tonight, I spotted a Cadillac Allante in red in a suburban driveway. I don’t see many of them anymore.

This just in: Spotted coming toward me in the oncoming lane of a two lane back road, “camo” green ( without the mottling ) square-ish block-ey looking thing I at first thought was a 1st generation Ford Bronco. As it went by, it turned out to be an International Harvester Scout. Looked to be in great shape.

Haven’t seen one of those in decades.

A guy where I work has one of those, same color, drives it in every now and then.

A McLaren pulled past me and turned off at the next intersection. I don’t see them often enough to be able to tell the models apart. But it looked fast.

We were cruising Alki Beach in Seattle right behind a 2020 McLaren!

We were in a long line of cars crawling along… poor guy never got over 25 mph…

… But it looked fast.