What's the most interesting car you saw today?

I saw what looked like a modern hot rod version of an El Camino. After some googling, I discovered it was a Chevy SSR.

I’d rather have a Vega. Chevy has managed some great vehicles, and some real duds.

True that. 36 years of safety advancements. It would be interesting to compare identical test results.

A 6th generation (1979-91) Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park station wagon, a car with almost no redeeming features.

A pretty blue TR6 parked near the office.

A nice looking Gen2 Mazda RX-7 convertible. They were only made from 1988 to 1991 and were scarce even at the time. The top was dropped but I couldn’t get a great view due to super heavy traffic on a Chicago interstate.

Looks like you can get a few bucks for a clean one (Most are $15-20k):

Same color as this photo:
Mazda RX-7 - Wikipedia

A 4th generation (1991-1996) Chevy Caprice Classic sedan. I owned the previous generation and always have a bit of a fondness for those beasts.

A BMW ALPINA B7 Sedan. It’s nice to see the ALPINA moniker resurrected by BMW.

2015 Ford Mustang GT 50 year limited edition coupe. It looked like fun to drive.

A 2nd generation (1964-67) Oldsmobile F85. Based on the grill I think it’s a 64 or 65.

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I was driving from Houston to Dallas yesterday and we passed a Waymo Via tractor trailer unit driving it’s way up I45 .
It is basically a self driving articulated truck, and it has a bunch of cameras and sensor pods poking out of the cab, it was cool to see the future.

I saw a first generation (1983-86) Toyota Camry on the freeway yesterday. I know the Camry isn’t the coolest car, but I always find it interesting when I see just regular cars from 30-40 years ago still being driven. The second generation Camrys still aren’t that uncommon in California, but you don’t often see the really early ones anymore.

It’s like that Camry station wagon I spotted a few weeks ago.

A 3rd-gen Toyota MR2 convertible, in very good condition. Looks like a fun little car!

Tuesday I saw my first Carvana truck. (It was hauling a new, silver Lexus.)

A pristine, blue, 3rd-gen Ford Mustang convertible from the 1980s. It was very clean. When I pulled up next to it, I could see it was driven by an old lady.

I haven’t seen her in quite a while now, but I used to sometimes see an old lady in my neighborhood driving a pristine 1980s Camaro.

There seems to be an impromptu car gathering at the local grocery store on friday evenings. Last night I saw a neat little rat rod, some beautiful mid 50’s Chevys, just while running into the store. I’ll need to take some time next week and check it out more closely.

Not much to go on here, but I spotted this going by when I was out on a walk. It went by too fast for me to get a good shot but this is what I could capture.

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I think that’s a mid 1960s Chevy II / Nova. This one looks to have similar taillights, but not quite identical. But I’m guessing they varied them slightly from year to year, as GM liked to do at the time.