What's the most interesting car you saw today?

That has got to be a '66 Plymouth Valiant.

A few minutes ago while waiting for a bus: some sort of convertible from between '68 & '72. Only got a real good view of the rear but it was definitely a mid-sized GM product, like a Buick Skylark.

A few days ago a late 1980s or early 1990s Dodge Dakota appeared in my neighbor’s driveway. Looking at Wikipedia it looks like it’s at the latest a 1990 model. Seeing it made me realize you don’t really see many of those first generation Dakotas anymore.

Today, behind me on the road, I saw an American sedan with a roof rack. The roof rack supported like half a dozen flag poles that must have reached 15 feet high. Trump flags were flying from all of them.

Not cars today, the interest was and after dark, still is, motorcycles. It’s like everybody is street racing their bikes before putting them away for winter. Of course, trees are almost at peak color and the weather has been very pleasant. I can’t blame them. A perfect day for a ride in the countryside.

Yesterday I saw a 1968 Ford Ranchero.

After 36 years of riding and some 224,000 miles, I sold my bike. It was a 2005 BMW R1200RT. I am without motorcycle for the first time since 1985. I am 60 now, and not sure if I’ll get another one.

But I might. I’m thinking of getting an electric motorcycle, a Zero DSR/BF dual sport. Most of my riding is commuting to work and I miss the convenience of negotiating traffic, and splitting lanes. I can ride year-round here in the SFBA CA. I miss it.

It takes a couple of years to adjust. If you don’t trust your ability, then it’s not worth the risk though. You get to decide. I had to give it up early as I have an inner ear problem that sets my world spinning at unpredictable times. But if you are confident of your ability, go for it.

Some of the cute, oddball JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars I’ve seen in recent years may be off the roads soon.

I saw a beautiful Jaguar C Type on the wharf in Santa Barbara last night.

That’s a gorgeous car.

Googling, though, only 53 Jaguar C-Types were built and I think they auction for over a million. Is someone really driving around that valuable a car? (Though parking it right next to a Honda Fit shows they have good taste.) I think some people make replicas, so perhaps that’s what you saw?

I think you’re right. Original C-types don’t have the amber lamps.

Hard to say. Odds are that it’s l a replica, but it was finished way better than any other replica I could find pix of. And it has a bunch of badges in the cockpit for the various historic events it’s participated in. Could be one of the continuation cars.

Given that this is Santa Barbara, seeing a multi million dollar vintage car is not that shocking. In Seattle, a friend used to drive his 250 GTO from time to time and that sold at auction a couple years ago for close to $50 million.

I decided to change up my route when I went for a walk this afternoon, and discovered this I’m guessing late 1940s DeSoto in someone’s driveway.


1950 DeSoto, color Glen Green.

A VW Type 2 pickup, looking a lot like this:

63 Corvette Z06. Probably the last drive of the season before it gets put up for winter here in MN.

I saw a guy driving a 1960 black Cadillac Coupe de Ville convertible with the top down on the freeway today.

But the most remarkable thing about it was that all his passengers were skeletons. The skeleton in the passenger seat was wearing a blonde wig, held a cigar in its fingers, and was resting one foot up almost on the side mirror. There were three skeletons in the back seat enjoying the ride. I was driving, or I would have taken a picture or video of it.

I love it. I have a friend who does things like this just to get people to do a double-take.