What's the most interesting car you saw today?

Yesterday I saw an early 1980s Celica in Bodega Bay, the version with the “flip forward” headlights. It looked like it was in like new condition.

Today I saw an MGB on highway 1.


Thought about taking mine out today, in the rain.

I think I posted this last time I saw it, but it’s still weird to see the L.L.Bean boot car in upstate NY.

Driving from Bodega Bay to Fort Bragg, I saw several interesting cars—a Bentley SUV at Fort Ross, and a late 1950s Chrysler at a scenic overlook.

But the most interesting by far was the Citroen CX parked on the street in Mendocino. As far as I know those were never even sold in the US. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen one in person before.


Only in the gray market. But dealerships pulled out of the US before the car was produced. There are a lot of cars that weren’t officially sold here that drive our roads. A friend drove one of these for years. I don’t know what became of it.

At the supermarket today:

Cool, Johnny, that looks pretty smart. :slight_smile:

50 years of the Ford Bronco: versions from 1972, and today.

On Saturday 10/16/2021, these two were parked within a mile of each other in the Presidio of San Francisco. The yellow 1972 was at Fort Point and the blue modern one was at Planet Granite.

In the original, the U15 was the full top Bronco, and the U14 was the half-cab. The U14 is extremely rare today. I include two pictures of a red U14 from the web for comparison. See the imgur link below.

I may have found my next new car. If my JGC CRD* ever dies I may get a Bronco for one simple reason: it comes with a manual transmission!

I put 22 photos on imgur. My wife is captured in one of them.

* — JGC CRD = Jeep Grand Cherokee with the common-rail diesel engine

Red Karmann Ghia, top down, enjoying the unusually warm (for here, anyway) October day. Some blonde must have called in sick today to go for a drive.

Yesterday I saw a black Jeep with a spare tire cover with “Baa Baa” printed on it. It took me a second to get the joke.

Another in the category of 40+ year old vehicles that are still on the road, this 1970s era GMC pickup has been a frequent visitor to my neighborhood lately. I like how the color scheme of the truck and camper shell fits right in with the autumn leaves.


1st generation (1962-1973) Lotus Elan. I have no idea if it’s a 1500, 1600, S2, S3, S4, or Sprint. The guy driving looked perfect for the part.

Google Photos

Yeah, coming up on a vintage sports car, I always think “Nobody under 65 could afford that.”* That Lotus driver is the demographic: a speedy, satisfied senior.

*Now, if it’s an old 'Vette or Firebird, I think “That’s got to be a mid-life crisis car…”

I saw a Dodge Dart/Swinger that was very similar to my family’s car in the 1970s. It was a light green though, whereas the one we had was tan.

Forgot to post that I saw a nicely preserved 64 (or thereabouts) Ford Galaxie. It had the round taillights; those took on a more square shape in 65.

I’ve seen many of these but not up close; Can-Am Spyder. It’s quite small, actually.

Google Photos

At the “Hot Rods At The Beach” in Santa Cruz today, some sort of Steampunk/Batmobile vehicle

Oh, that’s cool! Reminds me of the De Clerq a bit.


Rivian, at the 1st Mile event in Sonoma CA.

Very cool!

Pretty nice and clean 1960s Chevy Nova. The night photos are pretty grainy.