What's the most interesting car you saw today?

Oh! And also, I wanted to be post #4,000 in this thread!

I haven’t seen it but maybe you can. The latest Ford GT, of which there is only 250 examples, is on display at various Ford dealers over the holiday weekend.

For example, this place has one in their showroom.

(OK it’s a motorcycle, not a car…)

A Honda XR150L in San Francisco CA USA — but it was ridden here from Chile!

Ooh, thanks for the heads up. I know just where to try to spy one. Or maybe not. The website says nothing. Yet.

When I went for my usual Saturday morning farmers market run, I happened to stumble onto this car show going on nearby. The street was full of exotic supercars – McLarens, Ferraris, Lambos.


I suppose if I had to pick just one car as most interesting, it would be this shiny metallic blue Lamborghini Aventador.


Oh, and yesterday I saw an Aston Martin Vantage driving through the Target parking lot of all places.

I pulled up to a stoplight in suburban Chicago and glanced to my left, into the empty lane and began to do the light thinking we do at stoplights. Not surprisingly, another car pulled alongside and the wheel caught my eye: a central B. Yep, it was a big ol’ Bentley sedan. The woman driving was texting furiously.

It was a Lambo and it had “Pink Floyd” written on the hood. I don’t know if this was it or not…

pink floyd huracán

Shared with a friend I’ve known since the '80s, who sang back-up for Pink Floyd.

A Chevy 3100 pickup - I believe that is 1950-55 - parked near our house.

Google Photos

It was there again today. According to the license plate, it’s a '49.

Yesterday I saw a '65-'68 Mercedes-Benz 200D on the freeway, and a Lamborghini parked at a turn out on the scenic road I needed to use to get home yesterday.

Just got back from taking two of our kitties to the vet for their annual checkup (the third got hers a month early). Parked in the gas station at the end of the block was a white Porsche 911 Targa that had to have been pushing 50. I guess the owner was waiting for their turn in one of the mechanic bays.

A Kia Carnival minivan. I guess they’re new to the US market, pretty slick looking but I hate the new Kia logo.

Yesterday I saw a highly modified Studebaker pickup truck, which I’ve seen parked in that particular driveway before. But this time another even older pickup was parked next to it – I think it was a Model A pickup, or something from that same era at least. It looked pretty similar to the one in this video, with the spare tire mounted behind the front fender. It wasn’t as good condition as the one in the video, though.

I spotted my first Kia Carnival today. You’re right about the logo. My dyslexic brain is waiting for the rest of the word “knickers” to show up. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I saw an woman driving an Isetta today.
She must live in the neighborhood, because I’ve seen this car before.
I took a video of it, here is a frame grab:

That car is so tiny, it looks like a toy.

I drove up to another town about 20 miles away to buy a pie for Thanksgiving, because there’s a place there that has the best pies in a 50 mile radius.

On the drive there an back I saw:

  • A mid-to-late 1970s Jeep Wagoneer, with the “egg crate” grille.
  • A third generation Corvette
  • A restored VW Bus (sorry, I didn’t count the windows).
  • An old air-cooled Porsche 911, probably 1980s.
  • Another restored VW Bus (still didn’t count the windows).
  • And lastly, another first generation Camry like the one I spotted last month pulled up next to me at a red light. This one looked much more beat up than the other one I spotted, but it was still going. Not bad for a car that was at least 35 years old.

I saw a McLaren 675LT Spider today. Apparently only 500 were made.

I saw what would certainly once have been quite a decent Cadillac from either the late '50s or early '60s today. It might have been the latest Seventh-Generation variant of the Cadillac Series 62 (going by Wikipedia). This was parked on a back street near the Shard in Southwark (London Bridge area). It had white-wall tyres (or white-wall look tyres) - not sure whether those are strictly accurate to the period; seems to me a bit anachronistic, but they looked good on it. The car itself didn’t look as though it had moved for a while, or even necessarily as though it was capable of moving. I shall have to look again more closely tomorrow… (Ha! As I suspected, it has in fact been there long enough to have been parked in the same place the last time the Google Street View car came around! Apparently that was almost exactly a year ago - imagine how that car, which is smart in the picture, would look if it had been sitting in the same place for a year, and that’s how it looks now.)

This is the area I work in at the moment, and recently I’ve also seen a Ferrari F8 Tributo, a McLaren 600LT (I can only distinguish that from the 575 series by the fact that it said “600LT” on the side), and I think a Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The first two of those were parked outside / going into the underground car park of the Shangri La hotel in the Shard - not quite the Dorchester but it seems it’s still worth looking to see what’s outside it. Even today there was a white Ferrari 258 Italia there when I walked back from getting lunch.

… Also on my way to the shops at home last weekend, I saw a black 1970s US-style Ford Mustang (quite unusual round here) followed three cars later by a newish white Rolls Royce (no idea which - the recent ones all seem very ugly to me).

I have been meaning to post here again for ages, but rarely get round to it. I have seen other interesting things - not all recent supercars - as well, but I’ve forgotten most of them!