What's the most interesting car you saw today?

@Richard_W_1 Pleased to see you back because you seem to see a host of awesome supercars. Although, it might be a good thing that I only see them rarely, because car lust.

Haha, thanks! It’s mostly down to the areas I live and work in, really. The actual place I live is a bit of a dump (or at least, rather mixed), but it’s close to some of the most expensive areas in the UK. Not sure what the US / rest-of-world equivalent would be, but if there’s somewhere near Beverly Hills that all the heroin addicts end up in - the ones that can’t afford houses in Beverly Hills, I mean - then that might be close. So there are nice cars that drive past a lot. And lately (when not stuck at home through the pandemic) I’ve been working in nice bits of London, which are also probably some of the best places to see these cars…

I spotted a classic BMW R100RS motorcycle, with the old airhead engine, like this.

A beautiful MGB in cherry red, and a 1920s Oldsmobile touring car.

And a Lamborghini Aventador coming out of the club at my parent’s retirement community.

This afternoon I saw a 1933 Ford Coupe based hot rod. It looked somewhat similar to the ZZ Top “Eliminator” car, although the car I saw was a bit more understated – it was just painted solid red with no stripes or graphics.