What's the most interesting car you saw today?

I vaguely remember reading someplace that matte paint finishes require special treatment when washing the car.

Most matte cars you see (or at least I see) are not painted but wrapped. That’s the new craze down here. And if I were a few (more than a few) years younger than the crotchety old man than I am now, I’d think it’s pretty cool.

There’s a guy I’ve seen recently that has a new Camaro. Looking at it from where I was standing, it was a totally murdered-out, matte black car. He turned the corner, and the other half of the car, the part I couldn’t see at first, was a very glossy, very hot pink. A+ for effort.

So is it a left/right split, or front/back? Either sounds a bit weird to me.

I saw a Honda Street Racoon here in southern NJ. Right hand steering. I’ve never seen or heard of one and just had to do a little zooming to catch up and see just what it was.

Like this…

It’s starting to become a trend down here. I’ve seen several variations on this theme this summer.

That’s a new one on me. Haven’t seen any up here on the North Shore of Boston, but I don’t get out as much as the rest of the posters to this thread.

Where’s “down here”?

SoCal. Where automotive subtlety goes to die.

SoCal. Say no more.

Yesterday on the northbound 5 in Seattle, I saw an '80s Mitsubishi fire truck like this one.

ETA: This is a different one from the Toyota I saw in West Seattle a three years ago.

The Mercedes Benz EQS 580, all electric. Introduced to the US less than a year ago, at 0.20 it has the lowest Cd* of any production car when it was introduced. It starts at about $125,000.

  • — drag coefficient

More — Mercedes Benz EQS 580 - Album on Imgur

I saw a half & half Tesla a couple weeks ago here in Chicagoland.

I would love to see that in hot pink and matte black!

I assume I’ll see that car again; it’s pretty hard to miss. I’ll try to get a pic next time!

Ooh, excited. What’s funny is that I’m not a particularly “pink” person. But I love bright colors and, while I’d dislike the whole thing to be hot pink, the half/half sounds perfect.

The matt grey / black paint is meant to look like carbon fibre, isn’t it? When you see it on a high-end supercar it might actually be carbon fibre.

I saw an excellent 3rd-generation Corvette Stingray parked outside my office a couple of days ago. That’s always been one of my favourite Corvettes.

Other than that, I went to Munich for Oktoberfest again. A lot of Porsche / Audi / BMW / Mercedes obviously! (Even more than here). Other than that the only thing that stood out was a Ferrari F8 Tributo.

There were a few nice-looking things parked in the airport carpark as we walked to my friend’s car on the way back, but the only one I got a proper look at was a Lotus Exige.

Oh, also I found this article in The Guardian about rising supercar sales in the UK, and the top 3 places where they’re registered include Buckinghamshire, where I live, and the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where I used to work - which explains why I see so many of them! I currently work in Southwark, but the posh hotel in the Shard just by my office accounts for a lot of the rest…

I don’t think so. There’s carbon-fiber-look wrap separate from the matte black wrap. Grey and black matte finishes are their own aesthetic.

I don’t think so. Carbon fibre has a certain depth to it due to the texture, that a matte color cannot replicate.

I wish they’d stop making black cars with all the badging matte black. It’s a silly look.

I didn’t get a great look at it but what appeared to be a 1989 Pontiac Trans-Am Indianapolis 500 Pace Car, one of 1555 made. It seemed in good condition.