What's the most interesting car you saw today?

I saw this amusing article today, which reminded me to tell you guys, I saw a Tesla Cybertruck in the wild yesterday. Looked like a douchemobile.
I drove a Cybertruck around SF because I am a smart, cool alpha male (sfgate.com)

I saw my first e-Hummer (a Heemer?); thought it was a topless Bronco at first.

More interesting was the accord with the roof basket, w/ a wind deflector on the front that had “ACCORD” in big letters all the way across it. Right below the deflector was a full width LED lightbar. Below the roofline, it was looked like a bog-standard, made-millions-of-'em-Honda-Accord but above the roofline it looked like a badass off-road vehicle despite being, I presume, the standard 2WD.

A bright yellow Triumph TR7 wedgiemobile.

The shape of things to come.

One of my favorites, a Lotus Emira. I wish I had better pictures for you.

Pulling into the parking lot at work today there was a rather generic looking SUV coming in behind me. Turns out it’s a Dodge Hornet, something I didn’t know existed. It’s a PHEV and looks like every other SUV on the market.

The most interesting thing for me is that there is no Dodge branding on it whatsoever, just Dodge’s weird new logo that looks at first glance like the Nazi SS badge which is something that is deeply unfortunate.

Apparently it’s a rebadged Alfa Romero Tonale. Yawn.

I saw some sort of Audi A4 station wagon on the morning commute. I couldn’t read the badging to figure out the exact model. It definitely wasn’t a cross-over, but an actual station wagon.

Car and Driver says the Hornet is a hot hatch cosplaying as a crossover.

These days the demarcation line between the two is pretty much nonexistent.

Huh. Turns out I saw one of them, but at a quick glance I thought that logo was a variation on the BMW M badge.

I saw a Rivian today. It was a generic-looking SUV. I’d never heard of them until I googled it after I saw it.

This was less than 5 minutes after seeing my first Tesla Cybertruck. Those really are stupid-looking. Interestingly, it had a, window decal saying “tbonerico”, which seems to be the instagram handle of someone who writes about cars. And “foundation” was on the back end and on the side near the tbonerico.

One link on my Rivian search termed it the “anti Tesla”, which makes the sightings funny.

Pretty sure this is the exact car I saw:


That link didn’t work for me. This one did:


From most angles, yes. But from the front it’s got those distinctive headlights that look like nothing else on the road.

I was behind it, so I didn’t get to see that feature.

Wrong thread

I saw a bright gold Plymouth Prowler today. Fugly as all get-out. I believe this is only the second Prowler I’ve seen in the wild, the first being a purple specimen cruising down I5 probably 15 years ago.

There’s a series of classic car shows and events this weekend so hopefully I’ll get to see some more unique cars, complete with pics.

There must have been a classic car show in northern MI a few weeks back; we saw quite a number of cars that looked to be from the early 1970s, either on the road or being towed. Nothing distinctive though (unless you are a car hobbyist, which I am not).

The Nissan Frontier pickup, built since 1997 when it replaced the Hardbody.

I thought this was going to be a Cadillac, not a Jaguar.