What's the music scene these days in Pittsburgh, Memphis and Kansas City?

Historically, for cities their size, they have an amazing heritage in the world of jazz and R&B. I have been to all three cities but not for many, many years.

Is there currently a music scene that is providing a venue for aspiring jazz and R&B musicians? Are they churning out talent like they used to. (Pittsburgh especially has an amazing jazz history for a city its size not being located on a coast.)

Believe me, I’m not trolling or being argumentative but it is my sense that there is no popular notion that these cities are any longer centers of music creativity. If you mention Kansas City to a lot of people they will just think of a bunch of Republicans and a small market baseball team that can never take on the Yankees. They don’t think of Count Basie.

I’m hoping that the stereotype is not the case. Fight my ignorance and bring me up to date. Thanks.