What's the name of that Beatles movie?

Help me, please. What’s the name of that Beatles movie… y’know, the animated one? The one with the yellow submarine in it?

That one is called Yellow Submarine. They had another movie called A Hard Day’s Night if I’m not mistaken.

While you’re at it, answer me this: What was the name of the Celine Dion song. you know, the song in which she sings “But it’s all coming back to me”?

Aah, Cisco, you ruined the joke.

Yeah, Cisco. You ruined the joke. :slight_smile:

As for the answer to capacitor’s question, I’ll be danged if I knew. A little help, here?

There was A Hard Days Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour (for British television), Yellow Submarine, and Let It Be.

That brings up some other questions that have puzzled me:

What kind of the bird is kept in a chicken coop?
What color was George Washington’s white horse?
The Fourth of July is celebrated on what date?

And why does that duck keep coming down?

RealityChuck, you just said color, the secret word, and you’ve one one hundred dollars!