Whats the name of this drinking game?

Whats the name of that bar game where ya try and bounce a quarter in the other guys beer glass and if ya do he has to chug his drink?


Quarters. Simple as that.


Lol, I noticed that OP too, made me do a double take on this thread to confirm users. Nothing wrong with covering your basis! :wink:

Bases, even.

At my undergrad, we played a similar game with dice. The name of the game was “Beer Die”, with intricate rules that had to be followed.


He just meant the expression is actually “cover your bases”, not “basis”.

All your base are belong to us!

Yeah, that’s what I thought too, but the definition I found for basis works like I’ve used it.

A variant on quarters that seemed to be popular when I was in college was chandelier.

Take a large glass (such as a rocks glass) and surround it with shotglasses - one for each player. Players shoot their quarters at this arrangement - if you get the quarter into someone’s shotglass, they drink. If the quarter goes into the center glass, everyone drinks.

Usually, everyone gets drunk in a hurry as it’s much easier to land the quarter into a glass that’s 3" across than into a shotglass.