What's the name of this flash game from a few years back?

At least I think it was a flash game. Anyway, the top of the screen was filled with different colored “monsters” in the shape of circles. You had a cannon with which would aim and shoot one of the types of monsters (there was a queue). If you could get three of the same type monster next to each other they would clear. The object was to clear the board. Something makes me think it started with a “Q” but I could be wrong.

Sounds like Snood.

Sounds like a variant of bubble bobble.

Wow! I’d forgotten all about that game, even though I used to play it constantly for years!

Memory is a weird thing.

That’s the one. Good ole’ Dopers. Is there anything they can’t do?

They can’t get me laid!
Well, ok, I suppose they could, but they sure as hell aren’t right now! C’mon, people, hop to it! Chop chop!

Well…could is quite different from would.

Snood is very similar to the Japanese game Bust-A-Move, which features the Bubble Bobble characters.