What's The Oldest/Youngest You've Ever Been Physically Attracted To?

Maybe if we used percentages?


In absolute terms, a 40-year-old.
In relative terms, a woman 133 percent of my age at the time.
(same woman, actually)


In absolute terms, a 12-year-old (I was 12, too).
In relative terms, a girl 63 percent of my age at the time
(she was 14, I was 22.)

I’m a male.

Uh, oldest:
50, when I was 30.
19, when I was 29.

The “youngest figure” above was relative.

I guess in absolute terms – 12? The summer before grade eight, anyway. A contemporary from my grade seven class. Got wood just now remembering it. Should I feel evil?

The youngest guy I was ever attracted to was 13, but then again, so was I.

On the other hand, the youngest males I now find attractive are six years younger than me (ones like Sean Biggerstaff, Ryan Merriman, and this guy Oliver who volunteered with us a few summers back…I think I’d feel less guilty if these guys weren’t my baby brother’s age) and the oldest I find attractive is twice my age (that’d be Treat Williams. But not on Everwood, the beard detracts), but in real life the oldest man I’ve been attracted to was 13 years my senior.

And I’m female :smiley:

Based on my current age (14) and sex (male).

Oldest… probly somewhere from 50-60. (female)

Youngest… about… 10

Oldest- 50 (and still going strong)

Youngest - 13 when i was 14

28 male

41 when I was 11.
Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby, when I was 46. Is that 11? 12? But, hey, who didn’t? Wasn’t that the point?
Otherwise, late teens to fifties for middle age.

BTW if the Ramsey’s had their way it would have been Jon Benet in those publicity photos, but the gaps between her tiny primary teeth and her disproportionately large cranium and small chin are a dead giveaway. Shame on them, the creeps!

Oldest - 41, when I was 18. Went out a few times until he told me his age.

Youngest was probably 16 when I was 14. I’ve never felt attracted to anyone my own age or younger that I can remember.

I’m 31 and female.

  1. 40 when I was 14

  2. 14 when I was 25


45 when I was 29 (he was my boss, but then all the ladies found him to be hot)
18 when I was 20 (he turned out to be my bf for many years)

30yr old female

Oldest: a 54-year-old woman I run into ocasionally in the course of doing my job right now. She’s very buxom, likes to show off, and has a dirty mind. I only wish she was really flirting with me.

Youngest: as a child, 10 when I was 11; puberty was hitting both of us. Post puberty, a 15-year old girl I met in Mexico when I was 24 who very easily could pass for 21. I felt sinful for a day after I learned her age. It didn’t help that she had excellent manners and greeted strangers in the manner of traditional, genteel young Mexican women, i.e., with a kiss.

I’m a 27-year-old male.

By adding the second link Eve, you can never be accused of putting all your eggs in one basket.


Youngest - I started feeling physical attraction to girls very young, probably from being exposed to sex scenes in the books I read (my Dad had a good collection of 60s and 70s SF that I devoured as a child). I know for sure I was having fantasies about getting my female classmates naked when I was 8 (had no idea what I would do with them at that point, though).

Oldest - oddly enough, though there are many female celebrities in their 40s and 50s I find very attractive, the oldest woman I met in person that I found attractive was late 30s, maybe early 40s (wasn’t sure of her age).

Oldest: early/mid 50’s, at my current age of 31.

Youngest (absolute): 11, when I was 11 and just starting to notice girls.
Youngest (relative): Most girls in their high school uniforms don’t interest me, but every once in a while there’ll be one who just about makes my eyes fall out out of their sockets. So, 16-17.

  1. 45, when I was 24.
  2. 19, when I was 24.
  3. Female.
  1. Late forties, at 23.
    2a) Absolute - I think we were both 10
    2b) Relative 18 when I was 22. I have this thing whereby I cannot find anyone attractive if I realise that they are a contemporary of or younger than my brother. As there are about 5 (almost) years between me and my brother, that sets my lower limit.
    3)Female, 23.
  1. She was in her mid 50’s. I was in my nearly 30.

    1. I was 18. I swear, as God as my witness, I didn’t know she was 13…till later…
  1. 14-17 when I was/am 14-17 (same year in school)

  2. 15 when I am 17

  3. Male, and 17

When I was 26 I dated a guy who was 44. I dumped him because all of our dates felt like me babysitting his “inner child.”

I am now 36, when I see boys in their late teens (I hope!) all I can think is YUMMY! SNACKS!

I am female.

I find older guys to be very attractive.

  1. The oldest: 50ish
  2. The youngest: 18 when I was 15.
  3. Female