What's The Oldest/Youngest You've Ever Been Physically Attracted To?

Note: I’m not talking about actual sex here, just about being sexually attracted to a person but not necessarily acting upon those feelings.

Three questions:

  1. Of people that you have actually seen in real life- not on television where they wear makeup they call ‘pancake’ and coat the camera lenses with vaseline- what was the age of the oldest person you’ve felt physically attracted to?

  2. Similarly, how old was the youngest person you’ve ever been attracted to?

  3. What is your sex?


I guess I’ll go first-

  1. 44

  2. 13

  3. Male

Wouldn’t our age be of relevance as well?

Good point, lieu. I didn’t think of that.

Actually wouldnt our age when we where attracted to those people be whats relevant?

  1. 32 when i was 19

  2. 13 when i was 20

  3. Male

  1. 50

  2. 10

  3. Male

(I should point out that I was attracted to the ten-year-old when I was ten or eleven myself, lest anyone recoil in horror.) But that makes this kind of a silly survey, doesn’t it, asking ages of people we’ve “ever” been attracted to?

How old is Sean Connery? I think he is in his mid 60’s. That sounds about right. There are some other, real life people around his age that are still hot.

When I was still a child I had crushes on playmates. But as a teenager and adult I typically don’t find anyone attractive that is much younger than me. So the youngest would be about 25. Though I typically date men in their late 20’s to early 30’s (my age).

Late 20’s male.

I’m a late 40s male, and I recall first seeing Tyne Daly in one of the Dirty Harry movies in the mid-70s, and then later in the Cagney & Lacy series. She was never marketed as a romantic lead, much less a sex bomb, but I recall seeing her a smart, tough, not unattractive woman with a shy, cute smile that was an absolute killer.

Recently, I saw her playing a grandmotherly type (bun & all) on “Judging Amy”. She is probably in her late sixties or so, and that shy, cute smile is still a killer. I was startled to discover that she is still not at all unattractive!

This is the first time that I have ever been attracted to an unquestionably and unappologetically “old” woman. It makes me think that perhaps getting older won’t be so bad after all…

I saw Sophia Loren from a distance of about 100 feet once so I guess that counts. She’s 70 and I still think she’s an incredibly attractive and sexy woman.

18 is my downward limit.

  1. Oldest person I am attracted to is 53. He is a hottie! I would do him in a box. I would do him with a fox. I would do him here or there. I would do him EVERYWHERE!<eg>

  2. Youngest guy? Hmmm I am not into young guys. I guess 40 is the youngest.

  3. My age…the big 41

Well, this guy is a little young, but still has “it.” And on the other hand, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, either!

Oldest: Maybe like 40, when I was 5. I was an odd child.
Youngest: around 5, when I was 5.

I am currently a 19-year-old male.

When I was 21 I fell for a 17 yr old though I thought he was in his mid-20’s. I felt extremely leacherous when i found out. He’s 19 now and we are good buddies.

The oldest in person has been about 31 at my present age of 23.

  1. 25,622 (Bare-breasted neanderthal at the Natural History Museum)
  2. -3 (She hasn’t been born yet, but I already know she’ll be hot!)
  3. Male

I’m going to stick to “actual sex”, since I have no real measure of the age of those I’ve been attracted too.

(1) Oldest was 41 – I’m 23. Next lowest was 36 (lied to me and claimed 28…)

(2) 21, maybe. I’m not really attracted to those younger than me.

(3) Male.

  1. 44 when I was 22. (Hell, I dated her.)

  2. 17 when I was 23.

  3. Male.

That I’ve seen in real life huh,

  1. 40 when I was 24
  2. 14 when I was 15
  3. Male
  1. 35 year old women
  2. 12 year old girl who looked 18
  3. I am a 20 year old male(its my Birthday today :smiley: )
  1. 34 when I was 15. Hey! Susan’s mom was HOT! (And she liked me. I know she did. Really…)

2)13 when I was 19. That was the damned-est 13 year old the devil ever conjured up.


The above represent the two unusual attractions I’ve had. I’m assuming that the OP isn’t asking about persons in one’s own general age group.

There has to be a more reasonable way to do this, but…

1)40(male) at 18
2)16(female) at 18 (Does anyone else see a fault in this youngest thing? I kind of omitted earlier attractions, I mean, at 10, being attracted to someone who’s 10… right?)
3)Male (18)

What a year eh?