What's the "One Skill" you can offer to the world?

What’s the one thing that, if the world were to ask for it, you could be the best representation of?

It could be something as weak as “I know everything there is to know about Guy Gardner” to something grand like “I can spit further than anyone in the world!”

Another way of asking this is, what are you (be honest now,) an expert at?

I can make a four layer cake that is completely yummy, and is decorated with a gridiron on top. Each tier is decorated with rows of cookies, each cookie features the logo of an NFL team, executed carefully in royal icing, in the order in which the franchise was founded. Teams that have won the Superbowl have the year(s) of their victory under their logo.

I am the love child of John Madden and Martha Stewart.

That I am no better than anyone else at anything they will ever try to do. That is my gift. I am the un-prodigy. I boost people’s self esteem (at least I am not THAT loser). I am not amazingly good at everything. You could call me the Jack of all not-particularly-useful-Trades.

I am verrryyy patient. I can wait in line all day and night if necessary.

I can be very quiet. I can sneak up on people. I do it to my family all the time.

I can read pretty fast.

And apparently, I am invisible.

well…I probably shouldn’t claim this as a right to fame, but…
I can pop my dick! :eek:

Well, this thread sunk to its lowest level like a rock.

I am a good listener, I can listen for hours while people talk.

Ummm…I can place a urinary catheter in a male dog!

I can name every Kentucky Derby winner, in sequence, from 1970 to present. I used to know 1960 to current, but I’m a bit rusty. I probably could re-learn them fairly quickly. I also can give details on each horse, from pedigree to trainer to winning time to who was second to jockey etc–just not all of those on every horse. I’m not that nerdy.

I can teach idiots–yea, even the most dense–stuff about computers and there’s a good chance they might remember half of it.

Being a non-Derby fan who lives in Louisville, I’m not sure this is something to brag about. But, if you ever come down to the Derby in person, I’ll have someone to flirt with. :wink:

D’oh! I forgot to add what I can do. I can…uh…er…that is, I can…Hey! Wait a minute1 I’m a superhero, dammit. I can do ANYTHING!

I am a n ex[per5t tiepist and speler.

I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Does that count as one skill or two?

I’m a good teacher/trainer. I like to think that I know how to teach a person in a way that he can learn.


I give good hugs and am a good shoulder to cry on. Anyone need a shoulder?

I can recite all the (U.S.) states in alphabetical order in a really nifty song. . . "Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkanasas . . . "

Ummm . . . that’s Arkansas.

I wear cool shirts.

Oh yeah, and Merc says I am a 1337 h4x0r, too. :smiley:

I really know how to f**k a woman. Well, you asked.

I like green.[sup]*[/sup]

[sup]*[/sup]I am one of the world’s greatest masters of the non sequitur.