What's the point of Earth Hour?

At the most, you’ll save 1 kWh by turning your lights off for 1 hour. If your lights use 1000 W, you’d be better off switching to fluorescent. I say we have an Earth switch-your-computer-off-for-the Weekend.

Wouldn’t people just turn on their teevees or hop in their gas buggies?

It gives people a warm feeling that they are doing something. It achieves nothing IMHO.

It’s just a trendy pretendy, AaronX.

Like when two people live in a four storey house with an elevator, have four cars, and think that their recycle bin absolves them.

I wish I could have said it like that.

It’s intended to raise awareness of climate issues. The electricity savings are symbolic only.

I saved a Kilowatt-earth-hour!

Feel free to claim it as your own, Cicero; be sure to spread the use of trendy pretendy™ with any and all references to watt on Earth for Hour.

No doubt, Senegoid, somewhere in a Brazilian forest, a tree weeps in gratitude only no-one’s there to hear it.

I have the same problem with carbon offsets.

I hate it because it seems nothing you do is ever enough. First I shell out for fluorescents to save power, and now they want me to turn them off. Honestly, screw that.

Earth Hour is a scam dreamed up by dirty hippies.

Absolves them of what?

White guilt?

I just went to the store for some Preparation H.

I do the opposite by celebrating human inovation during earth hour, and turn on every damn thing in my place.

The point of Earth Hour is for smug hippies to do something to feel even more superior to the unenlightened masses than they normally feel.

Of course it’s purely symbolic, but the idea is that everyone worldwide can agree on something (if only for an hour).

I kinda like the idea, but I’m one of those dirty hippies.

Even if one manages to reduce one’s energy consumption to zero for one hour every year, it’s what one does for the remaining 8,765 hours that will make a difference. A ten per cent reduction over that period would do a lot more for the planet, and for one’s wallet.

The big problem is making a ten percent reduction in your daily usage is a lot harder than turning the lights out for an hour…

Of course. The point is not to save the world by turning stuff off for an hour, it’s to save the world by provoking discussion which it is clearly doing. Whether the discussion has any long term effects remains to be seen. I don’t think it was ever expected to go beyond Australia.

I turn off the lights for 8 hours every night.

Just saying.