Will you be observing earth hour?

On Saturday from 8:30 to 9:30 local time, will you be turning off the lights?

Poll to follow.

I wasn’t aware it was happening, so I assume many others will neglect to observe the event due to pure ignorance. I will give it a try if I remember.

It’s a feel-good stunt up there with collecting pull tabs. The organizers always think it’s a great idea and it accomplishes something less than nothing. (Because it diverts what could be real attention, donations, effort and thought away from the problem.)

Do I have to turn my computer off too?

I think it’s lights only.

Meaningless gesture that I was unaware until right now. I might turn on extra.

So just turn your screen brightness down to zero and you can still use your computer.


What on earth does Earth Hour commemorate? Is it just supposed to raise awareness about energy conservation or something?

Energy conservation is not about sitting in the dark for a portion of the day. It is about turning off lights you aren’t using, and using energy efficient light bulbs.

Reminds me of all that useless walking-around to cure stuff…

(I am grouchy because I live in CA and have been conserving water for months. I mean really conserving, not setting aside one hour a year to leave the faucets turned off.)

I won’t be observing earth hour because I’ve never heard of it, and because it sounds stupid.

8:30 to 9:30 on Saturday? I expect we will be in the hot tub then, so sure. :slight_smile:

For every light you turn off, I’m turning on three. Take that, Mother Nature!

Never. The only purpose it serves is to let people pat their own backs for making a meaningless gesture.

No, even though I support the environment this gesture is more of the type that I would like punch the pink ribbon fascist Republicans Koman people for.

Is that a.m. or p.m.? I live in Pennsylvania so it’s always gray outside.

I’m always at work on Saturday nights. I don’t think they’ll be turning out the lights at the animal ER any time soon.

No, it’s more like “Buy Nothing Day” - do something that’s somewhere between useless and self-inconveniencing to prove… something to… the small audience paying attention, likely the choir.

Thanks for telling me about this. I plan to turn on all my lights and electronics, in celebration of abundance and technology.

I won’t, because I’m not using power guzzling short lived sickly yellow incandescents.

Exactly. If we use less electricity the hydro companies just raise the price so what’s the point? I can think of many other ways to conserve energy and help the environment than sitting around my house in the dark for an hour.


Wow, 50-0 against. That’s lights out, alright, just not in the way the organizers expected.