What's the race of the girl gang-raped at the Richmond high school in California?

I realize that this is a debate-charged question but I would like to simply know what is her race: white, black, latino, half-, etc.

I have not been able to find this information in any news articles.

The pastor of her church is white and she has white friends, but that doesn’t definitely say that she is white. I’ve found online forums where people have opinions or speculations.

I’m not interested in ranting about any given racial position…I just want to simply know this one fact.

The media has failed me…Does anyone know what race she is?

Many news organizations have a policy of not revealing a rape victim’s name or any other identifying information, at least until the victim testifies.

My guess is if you really want to know, you’ll have to find blogs or other (less credible) sources.

How would knowing this alleviate the severity of the crime in anyway?
Would you understand better if you knew her skin was a particular color?
Or do you suspect part of the crime was a race hate crime and are looking to proof?

The OP didn’t say it would.

The victim’s skin color is relevant to the legal proceedings of the case (such as hate crimes).

This forum is for factual answer to general questions, so the OP has an appropriate question.

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Grilling another poster on their motivations for asking a question in GQ is not really appropriate. Let’s stick to the factual aspects of the OP.

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According to this column in the Contra Costa Times, the victim is white: