What's the SDMB hamster's name?

Amid the myriad references to the hamster that is responsible for powering the SDMB server, I have yet to see the little critter’s name.

Anyone know? Has our Perfect Master named him yet?

And if no one has named him, then I’d like to be first in line and nominate either of the following two names: Little Zotti, or Little Cecil.

Unless someone else can think of something better.

[sub]Mods, I know this is a humor thread, and move it to IMHO if you like. It won’t bother me. But this one focuses specifically on the SDMB, and if Fenris’s Replacement Cecil thread can find a home here, then I’m sure the thread where the hamster gets christened can find a home here as well.[/sub]

The SDMB hamster’s name is Hampster. This has been the source of some confusion.

Yeah, well, see… It’s not really the hamster, you know. Basically, every time you people overuse the search function or post a reproduction of the Sistine Chapel made entirely out of smilies, well… Let’s just say that it’s fortunate that hamsters are pretty cheap.

Poor little guys.

(The edit function on the other hand…they just love the edit function. It makes them scamper with joy!)

I believe it’s name is “Schlomo”.


Not because it sounds appropriate; but because it is silent, it’s small, does the job in the bowels of the data mine, screws up sometimes . . . :slight_smile:



There are two hamsters, they take turns. They are the brothers Heseltine and Brokemichael.

Hey, the hamsters actually think they’ve got it good. They’ve been talking to that goat you moderators keep.

Based on what it does to OP’s, I propose:


Shlomo is hard at work

Hey Jonathan, I thought the goat was mine, or Res’. Then again, considering all the things that Res has done to various things of mine (tongue, shoes, etc.), I wouldn’t be very surprised if he gave the goat to lel. Talkinghead, Fizzy, or even the moderators.

Hey ResIpsaLoquitor! Get your butt in here so we can figure out who actually owns the goat!


Trust me, you don’t want your goat back.

My suggested SDMB Hamster names:

-Og (okay, I FINALLY used that joke. Everyone happy now?)


-Monkey Butler



Frank. Frank the Hamster.


I dunno - I kinda like Hammie

Fahnstock P. Beaudrey

The hamster’s name is Legion. It is, uh, many.


Or maybe Vlad The Ungovernable .