What's the skinny on my dutch oven?


I’ve got a nice, hefty cast-iron dutch-oven, looks almost like a tiny cauldron. Anyway, yesterday, while making some beef bourganion (and spelling it quite poorly, I’m afraid), I noticed the lid had little points coming down from the underside. Imagine tiny, grided stalactites, none too close to the rim of the lid. What the hell are these there for?


Does the lid overlap the pot? Possibly, they’re points to collect condensation so it falls back in the pot rather than working its way to the edge.

The lid fits squarely, but the condensation theory was what we were sticking with last night. Sounds the most logical. However, we’d had a bit of brandy and logic falters famously when this is the case.

Note that the condensatio will drip down evenly over the food, flavoring it and keeping it from getting soggy as they might if the liquid ran to the edge of the lid.

FWIW do you have a stovetop or camp dutch oven? The stovetop models are plain but the camp models have legs on the bottom so there is room for coals underneath and a flange on the top surface of the lid so coals placed there won’t fall off. Anyway I hope your meal turned out well.

It’s a stovetop. And the answer sounds perfect. The meal by the way, was an orgy of butter and onions and cheese and everything that makes French / New Orleans cuisine exactly what it should be.

They’re “self-basting” tips.