What's the story with Dick Morris?

Dick Morris is currently a columnist for The New York Post, and if the short bio at the end of the column is to be believed, he was also an advisor for President Clinton. If memory serves, Morris is also the advisor that was fired (?) after being caught with a prostitute. From reading his columns he seems to be on the right, and in the same crowd as the likes of O’Reilly and Michael Reagan. Was he always this conservative? Is this just a reaction because he’s still upset about getting the boot?

Dick Morris has served both parties as a behind-the-scenes advisor. He’s been called handler, navigator, wielder of poison darts, and several other things. When the phrase “spin doctor” was invented, Morris was one of those. He’s highly adept in the art of shaping public opinion in favor of his boss.

Actually, I say all this with great respect, even though he has done most of his work for the right. When it comes to political persuasion, Dick Morris wrote the book.

OK, thanks. That explains it; he’s a hired gun. Does this happen very often? I’m not that familiar with the political advisor game, but I can’t picture Rove ever doing dirty work for the Democrats.

I think that Clinton may be the only Democrat that Morris has worked for and his relationship with BC goes back to when Clinton was governor of Arkansas. I know that Morris has also worked for Jesse Helms, so that’s quite a swing.

On the other hand, Clinton was a centrist, not a clasic liberal and Morris’ advice was responsible for pulling Clinton to the right on a number of issues such as welfare reform.

I think it’s also worth noting that Clinton himself was always willing to open himself up to a broad spectrum of views and advice. He was not an idealogue.

Also, a lot of Democrats were freaked by Dick Morris working for Clinton, because of the former’s political views/past associations.

Are you saying he was a flip-flopper without any ideas of his own?

I’m saying that we are not going to turn this into a political discussion. If you want that, scoot over to Great Debates.

I remember him making the cover of Time as “The man who has the President’s ear”, or something like that.

He taught Clinton how to “Stick it to the Republicans”, by going along with them on so many issues, such as welfare reform. This made the Repubs furious because their main weapon against Clinton was Clinton himself, and Morris was taking that away from them.

And it made the Dems frustrated because the whole point of having a Democrat in office is supposed to be, y’know, that you get Democratic-type things done. :slight_smile:

It sounds to me like being a White House advisor is where to find the action. All of the power, and much less (none?) of the accountability. Are advisors like Morris and Rove considered government employees or do they get (big) private salaries?

IIRC, Clinton and his crew hated dealing with Morris and behaved as though he was covered in cooties. They only dealt with him when they had to.

I forgot to mention that I wasn’t there at the time. My info came from George Stephanopoulos’ book.