Does Dick Morris have something against the Clintons

He was an advisor now he seems to act like a socially moderate version of Ann Coulter towards them. What drove him to this?

According to the interview he did with the Kentucky Kernel just before Election Day, it was basically 9/11 that caused him to change the way he did. He went firmly to the Bush side because he felt that Clinton and company didn’t do enough to prevent 9/11. In fact, he actually blamed Clinton for it.

He was slamming the Clintons long before 9/11. I remember because I used to wonder what his problem was.

Bill O’ used to have him on regulary to bad mouth the Clintons with that little tag beneath him “Former Clinton Advisor”.


I always figured that after his public humiliation with that call girl he couldn’t get work from the Democrats anymore and needed to make sure he had the right perception among the client-base he could still land.

What a maroon.

Refresh my memory: Dick Morris was the one who had the prostitute-problems while working for Clinton, right?

It was my understanding that he was a hired gun before he became a talking head. He worked for Clinton because he was getting paid, not because he believed in his boss.

IIRC, she wasn’t a prostitute but definitely was a mistress. (Was she, perhaps, a prostitute who serviced Morris for free? My memory is fluttering on the point.) The big to do came from a.) admissions of toe-sucking and b.) admissions of Morris reading classified documents with/to said toe-sucking mistress, and having confidential phone calls while she remained in the room.

Maybe she wasn’t a prositute… Maybe I’m confusing Dick with Sam Seborn from the West Wing :wink: Or maybe that’s where the West Wing story came from. Oh, I’m so confused.

OK, well I do remember that there was sex scandal, and I remember the toe-sucking thing, too, unfortunately.

Yes she was a prostitute. I don’t remember if she charged Dick. I mean, yum well never mind.

He was with a prostitute, she did charge him, and a tabloid ran pictures of them together.