What's the temperature at your house these days? (posted July 10, 2022)

The official temp at the moment here in San Antonio is 104, but my backyard weather station says it’s 107.

When I got up around 2 am to pee, my weather station said 85-- in the MIDDLE of the freakin’ NIGHT?!? That’s just wrong.

I keep my thermostat on 79 day and night and last months’ utility bill (gas and elec) was a personal lifetime high: $355 (1,200 sq ft house).

It’s gorgeous here. High 70s or possibly low 80s, sunny and clear.

Upper 60’s to mid 70’s with blue skies so far today. I’m right on Lake Michigan, we’re a microclimate and it’s usually cooler by the lake in the summer, warmer by the lake in the winter. Record high at my house though is 107, lowest is -24.

Can you add attic insulation? It helps with cooling also. Sometimes the utility company have zero interest loans and/or grants to bring insulation value up to R45. We did that last year and it really helped.

Temp is 81° here and not too humid.

The thing that i did that made the most difference in summer comfort in the house was adding central air. But the other thing i did that made an astonishing difference was getting a white roof. We needed a new roof anyway, and the contractor suggested we pick white. And OH MY GOD! The attic, which is not insulated (insulation is between it and the house) never gets unbearably got any more. The upstairs bedroom that i was going to add a separate AC unit to, because the central air just didn’t cut it, is now fine.

It’s obviously not worth doing unless you are redoing the roof for other reasons, but i wanted to mention it, because every so often, you do need to replace a roof.

Gorgeous day here in Michigan. Low of 48 high of 83 humidity 26%.

Shades up windows open.

  1. Lake Erie, Ohio.

75 is the high today, and 53 is the low. Bigfork, Montana. We’re by a huge lake which tends to moderate temps throughout the year.

Damn! You people are making me cry hot tears… :sob: Let’s hear from someone in Dallas.

I did add attic insulation a few years ago. Also, this central HVAC is only a couple of years old. Also a new roof a couple of years ago (but it’s not white). So things are better than they were. It’s an old house (1925), so it probably won’t get any better than this. I’m really okay with it. Just amazed.

81 with 50 percent humidity just outside DC. It’s July, so I’ll take it; we know it’s not going to last long.

It’s “only” 98 now. When we went walking at 8:30 this morning it was already 94. Not sure what it was inbetween.

It’s currently about 29C at my location in the Great White North, which is around 84F Amurrkin, with low humidity at around 32%. Still too hot for me as I am old and crotchety and sensitive to heat. The A/C is set at 22.5C, which is about 72.5F, for which I have no apologies since it’s a fairly small house and the electric power here is clean nuclear, and I have no wish to sweat like a pig on the slightest exertion.

Here at 5pm near Fort Lauderdale it’s 90F (that’s 32C (the C is for “Canadian”) :wink: ).

Was probably about 92F at noon. We have a pleasant sea breeze all day and I’ve been out on my porch in the shade since noon when the sun got behind the building. The air isn’t dry, but it also isn’t muggy; just a tad thicker than “plain” air. You can tell the ocean is 1/4mi away. We’re expecting a low tonight of 80F / 27Canadian.

This is totally God’s weather in my view. Maybe 1 or 2F higher than ideal, but no more.

24C, cloudy, with a severe thunderstorm warning in effect.

It’s the middle of winter here in the southern hemisphere, but as I live in the tropics, it’s (as of 7.30am) 17c (app 63f) and it will apparently get to a top of 21c (70f).

It’s bloody freezing :rofl:

My winter is 6 months away, but otherwise just like yours. Bloody freezing is right. Thin people with thin clothes and thin blood.

Compared to me, you are obviously a young pup who doesn’t start sweating from any form of exertion more strenuous than lifting a martini glass. Yes, I realize you’re sort of semi-retired, but I OTOH am fully retired, semi-senile, crabby, and easily overheated.

Sir, you mistake me for someone who engages in any exertion greater than lifting a martini glass. :wink:

Truth be told, out in the sun 90F/32C is a bit much for other than strolling with a good breeze. 80F/27C is better for actual exercise or when the wind quits.

Oh wow, anything in the 90s F or 30s C is too hot for me, even for lazing in the hammock.

A few miles inland on the Oregon coast. 73f right now…