How freaking hot IS it?

It’s so hot in Austin Texas that the Home Depot receipt sitting in the rental car all day turned mostly dark gray. The receipt is on thermal paper.

What’s the thermal imaging threshold for receipt paper?? How hot WAS it in that car all day ??

Fuck that’s hot. New York City was atrocious a week ago. But this? Yeah it’s a dry heat but my god. The receipt went dark gray.



I’ve been loving the global warming up here in Canada. Finally a half decent summer.

I’ve been drinking beers and fishing for trout all summer at the cottage on my lake.

It’s been great.

Fucking hot is what it is. The cats look like they are melting, even with the coolers going full blast.


Happens all the time in Phoenix. You folks over in Austin could use a little toughening up. :smiley:

It’s times like this that I’m happy to have moved to Portland, OR. Sure, it’s hit 100 a few times in the last week or so, but it feels like 85 did back in DC.

From this graph, it looks like things start to go gray around 150°F.

It’s hot here in So Cal but not quite as bad as it was with monsoonal humidity.

Too friggin’ hot, is my guess. It was a balmy 24ºC here today - that’s plenty hot for me.

10:30 pm and still 80 degrees here. :slight_smile:

You left the paper out in the sun didn’t you? I did that once, but only half the receipt was in the sun so it turned half dark. Kinda cool

You need a beach to escape to! It was 95 today but we went to the beach and it was breezy and probably only 80. Wonderful stuff! :smiley: I feel bad for you inlanders

The warmest it’s gotten here yet this year is somewhere around 85. And that’s at 4 PM with the sun at full blast.

Nights? 40s. Beautiful sleeping weather.

Yeah, you can hate me, but I spent my whole life in heat and humidity and escaped them three years ago. And I’m not going back!

Been triple digits all week here in the San Fernando Valley.

Hot, but not humid.

This may fall into the category of Too Much Information.

[spoiler]I’ve been riding my bike for exercise this summer, and trying to lose some weight. I’ve got a 20-mile ride, along the river and back, and trying to do it every day.

One warm day this week, my curiosity got the better of me. I got home from the ride, peeled my clothes off, and got a large bucket. I set it in front of my chair, and sat so that I could capture as many drips as possible. About 20 minutes later, I poured it out and measured it; 1/2 cup of sweat.[/spoiler]That’s how freakin’ hot it is.

Pretty damned hot.

This summer in Austin is mild compared to last year. Have we even had any days over 100 yet? Last year we recorded 67 100+ days at Camp Mabry. And that’s with zero days of rain.

4:07 am. 81 degrees F. 89 percent relative humidity. According to the Weather Channel, that’s still a heat index of 88 degrees.

It’s effing hot!

I don’t think it’ll hit 85º this week. It was 93º last week, but that’s all over now, winter is back.

A few days ago, the heat index here in Missouri was 103 degrees–at 10 PM.

Yeah, and we’ve been getting thunderstorms, but they don’t cool anything off. They just make it reeeeeeally humid when the sun comes out again. Bleh.

At one thirty am yesterday, it was still 101 here. No joke.

ETA: I live in Phoenix. It’s been 110-116 all week. Finally drops to around 106 at 8pm.
It’s horrible…oh sure, it’s a dry heat, but when it gets that hot, swamp coolers work very crappily. My poor cat doesn’t pant like a dog, either…she’s been lying like she’s dead all week on the cool kitchen floor…only sign of life to flick her ears when I walk by. I’m freaking hot as hell myself, I can only imagine how she feels. I feel so sorry for her an other pets in this complex.