How freaking hot IS it?

Recently had a lot of family in from Arizona and Northern Mexico and the consensus was that it’s a lot cooler here than there. :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone was remarking about how nice the weather is here, and how much cooler it is.

From my own perspective, I’ve lost the taste for high heat, so to me it was hot here (it’s been in the 90’s)…but to folks who are used to it being over a hundred and 10 (in the shade), and over a hundred at night, I guess this is nothing.

The nice thing, as the OP says, is ‘it’s a dry heat’…cause, that makes all the difference in the world! :wink:


It’s 82 out and I was thinking how nice it was to have some cool weather for a chnage.

It’s so hot even robots are sweating.

Whilst here in the great state of Victoria (Australia), it’s been topping out at 50F, dropping to around freezing. That’s not so bad - I used to live in Illinois, and temps like that in the winter would have had us out at the swimmin’ hole - but it’s mainly been overcast and dank, too. This morning is the first time I’ve seen the sun in a couple of weeks. Not all that much (desperately needed) rain either, which would make the overcast more bearable.

Right here, in my apartment, in central, WV, it’s not bad at all, even without AC. It’s a big apartment, but it’s ground-level (takes advantage of the warm-air-rises rule), it only has two (tiny) east-facing windows, so not a lot of the noon-day sunlight. Plus, ceiling fans in every room, plus window fans in the bedrooms and living room.

BUT. . .I spent the long July 4th weekend just outside of Washington, DC. Topped 105 every day we were there. Fuck. That was hot.

…so hot that Charles Nelson Reilly turned over in his grave to tan on his other side.
No, not that funny. But that’s how wonderfully CNR filled his niche.

Bwahahahahaha !! Made me laugh out loud here at Gate 6 in the Austin TX airport !! Might I contribute?

So hot that Charles Nelson Reilly turned over in his grave to snuggle up against George Hamilton, who has suntan to spare.

Oh, and that receipt? It was not in direct sunlight at all. The air temp in the car just rose that freakin’ high.

The flipside is that as long as one is sipping Pedialyte, one should enjoy the 98/98 days as we used to call them in Philly when I was growing up. 98* F and 98% humidity. Even your fingernails needed Triple Action Gold Bond Medicated Powder. :smiley:

Second day of triple digits here in Denver, but there is a “cold” front coming through this week, should drop into the 80s.
Remember, it’s not the heat, it’s the stupididy.

Heh – those tickets turn grey for me all the time if I leave them in the car too long. Austin, too.

I keep hearing “it hasn’t gotten to 100 yet!” but I’ve seen up to 110 degrees on those big thermometer signs. I never really trust those, though.

When I lived here in August without air conditioning one year, I would take freezing cold showers. As soon as the cold water stopped I’d begin to sweat. I would quick-fast put on a thin nightgown and rush to bed to sleep next to the window with a fan on blowing cold air across me. I was still sweating. The trick was to fall asleep before I dried off.

When I left for works at 8:00 am it was 99 degrees. Sunday it was 122 and I have both a mercury and electronic thermometers.

So yeah. Pretty freakin’ hot.

According to the weather site, it’s… 61°?! (Fahrenheit)

When we lived in a suburb of Baltimore, MD, I can’t tell you how many summer nights we were only able to get to sleep because we’d go for a late-night swim just prior to going to bed! As long as my hair was cool and damp, I could normally get to sleep. (Sex was right out, though; we’re both, like, “Hey, I love you but I’m sweaty; don’t touch me”.)

Hot enough that people have stopped making those idiotic “this record snowfall is evidence of global warming!” jokes.

The thin nightgown trapped some water and cooled you more efficiently than not wearing one?

I do wonder HOW hot it was this weekend in Austin. Hmmmm… how does one find recent temps…

I like it. It’s 83 in Cleveland and I’m thinking I won’t go for a swim after work. Chilly.
I keep my sunglasses in their case inside the console in my car and the other day they were too hot to touch.

It was so hot I went to the gym. That’s freakin’ hot!

(See, I hadn’t been to the gym in months, but it’s air-conditioned, unlike my current residence. So I could actually get a work out and sweat less than I was just sitting around the house.)

The air conditioning means you are working out in lower humidity by far. Does this mean you’d be more dehydrated? I’m guessing so- a plus if you are holding a lot of water weight. Just respiring is going to draw out moisture.

Ahh. Moisture.

…yea, like last winter when we got 3 feet of snow in a week, and the average temperature was -41… heh, or like last month when we got those hailstorms and temperatures dropped below freezing at night.

Don’t I feel silly now:smack:

Can you find one of those days on a historical weather data website? That would be a Heat Index of 177F making Philadelphia of all places (:confused:) one of the hottest cities on earth. It just doesn’t sound right to me. I grew up in central NC which by all logic should be hotter than Philly, and the heat there didn’t even hold a candle to the heat here in Phoenix, and as far as I can tell our Heat Index rarely if ever gets out of the 130s.

Hmmmmm. I will look. But I do believe you, and those days they used to refer to now appear to be… apocryphal.

How about 98/58 ???