What's the unemployment rate where you live?

Where I live (northwest Alabama) the unemployment rate jumped from about 6.8% to 10.3% in the past year. It was already one of the highest in the state before the jump. The textile and sewing industry around here has been leaving the country or going out of business for a while (thanks NAFTA), but the area got hit hard last year. Nearby Franklin County is at 13% according to the most recent figures I saw.

So I’m wondering what the local unemployment rates are like in other parts of the nation and the world. What’s the employment picture like in the town/city/county/state/whatever where you live? Is your area recovering or getting worse?

I just heard a local story on this today. The unemployment rate of Provo, Ut (where I live, obviously) was 6%, which is only a .75 point increase. Everywhere else in Utah had a slight increase, the highest being 2 points. One area actually went down. Utah’s overall rate right now is something like 5.3% No huge increases for now. Hopefully it stays that way.

BTW, you can find info about your area by going here.