What's the weirdest/craziest/wackiest bar you have ever been in?

I don’t mean crazy, like, “We were at this disco in Mexico when this whole group of crazy UCLA girls danced on the bar topless.” I mean the bar, tavern, club, what-have-you itself was just weird or surreal.

Mine: Several months ago I was in Ghent Belgium with a friend and we ended up meeting some local girls. It was getting late (for Ghent) and the tavern we were in was closing up. One of the girls new this other bar, so we walked down this random alley until we found the place with a torch outside. Inside, is a single dark room illuminated only by candles, was 4 or 5 picnic tables and one crazy old guy with a beard asleep in the recliner. And the rest of this place was covered in junk. Toys, equipment, bikes hanging from the roof, you name it. It was like the junk on the wall at the worst TGI Fridays multiplied by 100 in quantity and divided by 100 in quality. But the place was clean, as in, there was no trash and it smelled fine, it was just like an overstuffed garage.

Well the old guy wakes up, and goes off somewhere and brings us back 4 bottles of beer. He sort of sizes us up before he decides what he is going to charge us. (It wasn’t much). Then he goes back to his recliner and we sit at the picnic table. No way in hell I would have gone in there without another guy, and without a local. At least there were a couple other people in there drinking. We had a great time, but I have no idea what that old guys business model was.

Any good tales?

I walked into a very crowded/rowdy bar one night. Everyone was talking/laughing about the bartender. Seems he wasn’t being treated fairly by his boss, so he was quitting, but not before he gave away as much of the owner’s booze as possible. People were leaving this bar and running to other bars to spread the word. I had a drink, but then I left. Never heard the outcome.

There’s a bar near me that’s out in the middle of nowhere. Well, I guess it is near a lake but not right on it. There’s a huge barrel of peanuts that you can help yourself to and throw the shells on the floor (I have heard about that in other places). The ceiling is covered with dollar bills, most with messages written on them. There are also a few bras stuck up there. The booths are ancient and have carvings all over them. I’m not doing a very good job of describing it. It’s one of those places you have to see for yourself.

Wabuska Bar. Middle of F’ing nowhere. My wife used to run it.

I was on a road trip with a good friend of mine a few years ago and we found ourselves in a small town bar in Saskatchewan on a long weekend.

The highlights would be one guy who’s idea of a pickup line was asking if I wanted to wear his teeth (I guess he lost his front teeth playing hockey how truly Canadian), and when my friend and I went into the bathroom. There was one stall, two toilets, no divider, and yes we had to pee badly enough that we went at the same time.

Now that is friendship. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably the Scrap Bar in NYC. It was located below street level with no signs advertising its location. The only way to know where to find it was to look for the severed mannequin baby heads mounted above the door.

The Birdhouse, just outside of Girdwood, Alaska. It used to me a trapper’s cabin and went through the big quake back in the 60s. The quake caused it to sink a fair ways into the ground as well as to tilt… appreciably.

It easily had more business cards stapled to it’s walls, ceiling, etc than I’ve ever seen anywhere. With that and sawdust on the floors it was the only place I’ve ever seen that you could hold up with a Zippo.

On top of the business cards were various bras, panties, underwear. I was told that sometimes everyone in ther would just up and get nekkid. The just box was full of some awesome classic rock, plus some hilarious little ditty called The Pussycat Song.

There were chicken dinners for sale… hardboiled eggs. There was a horn near a window for calling up ptarmigan… loaded with powder. All the locals would sit down at one end of the sloping bar. If you let go of your drink, it slid down to them. The bartenders, an older couple, were freakin’ hilarious.

Sadly, it burned to the ground in minutes a few years back. It was inevitable but a sad day for anyone who’d ever visited.

The original Gilley’s in Pasadena, TX. I think I only made it there once, but it was quite a place. It was kind of an adult arcade and it was huge. It seemed to be built in several old buildings, somewhat like old garages, all connected together. There were numerous pool tables, several mech. bulls, old timey arcade games, little booths that sold souveniers. The decor was eclectic old west and wall to wall people, most sporting cowboy hats and boots. It burned down around 1990, but it had been closed down prior to that.

I went to a yo-yo show at the Odeon in San Francisco. It really was one of the most bizarre experiences of my bar career. Not just the yo-yo thing, but I’d never been to this bar. It had crazy shit plastered onto every inch of every wall an the ceiling. It was packed. these pictures don’t really do it justice.

I also went to see theSTART at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, outside Sacramento. Furst off, it had a parking lot (a bar with a parking lot is a very strange concept to me), and the bar area was fenced in, so that you couldn’t bring a drink with you to the stage. The whole place was like 100x100 feet, so it’s not like it was a different floor or area, but the stage was blocked partially by a few pillars and sound equipment, so you couldn’t see anything from the bar. I also realized, once inside, that I’d left my phone in my car, so I went out to get it, but the bouncer stopped me and said I wasn’t allowed to go to my car, which was twenty feet from where I was standing. On top of all this, everyone in the place was white, which is also strange to me. I realize that all thi smay be the norm in some places, but it was all pretty bizarre to me.

McSorley’s Old Ale House in Greenwich Village, New York City. Never dusted, never changed (much), and in business since 1854. The closest I’ve ever come to stepping into a time machine. The still use the original coal burning stove for cryin’ out loud!

]Business model? I’m pretty sure you just wandered into a poor old man’s garage.

Not a bar but a liquor store - in Greencastle IN in the early 80s there was a liq that was apparently the living room of these folks’ house. Walk in the door and there’s this old couple sitting in easy chairs watching TV. Tell them what you want, they grab it for you, take your $, and go back to watching TV.

Gosh, like 20 years ago (where did the time go?), I went to visit a freind at Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh. One night, we went to this tiny Polish bar/restaurant that had a stage in the back. The stage was decorated with thousands of stuffed animals and the “show” was this guy dressed as Elvis (fat Elvis) who played a little keyboard, sang Dean Martin songs, and told off-color jokes. It was really surreal and, unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy it as I’d been drinking too much all weekend and spent the evening in the restroom trying not to puke. But the owner’s wife did bring me ginger ale…

I must go to this place. Thank you.

There was a bar in Kitchener, Ontario called Lulu’s Roadhouse. Used to be department store, so imagine your local Wal-Mart as a bar. They boasted they had the longest bar in the world at one point. Not sure if it was true or not. Sure was gigantic though. They had entire bars devoted to single drinks. Zombie Bar, Singapore Sling Bar, Margarita Bar, etc.

Back before they were restored and became all fancy, the Hafenstrasse houses had a couple of squatter pubs in them that were pretty crazy. Pretty eye-opening for a 19-year-old country kid.

If you ever find yourself in downtown Milwaukee for whatever reason take a cab to the historic Pabst Theatre and when you get out ask someone on the street to point you to the entrance of The Safe House.

From the oustside it looks like a door down an alley maked “International Exports Ltd.” however enter the door and you’ll be greeted by an agent in a little room with no other doors whom will ask you the “secret password”. Don’t worry if you don’t know it. They’ll probably ask you to perform a crazy stunt to prove your worthy (notice you are being observed by surveilance cameras).
Once you’ve proven yourself they will open the hidden entrance to let you in.

(P.S. Don’t miss the phone booth that leads to a secret underground escape exit when you are ready to leave.)

There’s a Karaoke Bar in Old Town Alexandria where the clientele, the two times I’ve been there, seem to be mostly frat boys/military brats. The bar plays hardcore rap music in between songs and the whole place gets on the floor and dances.

It was surreal to see that sort of clientele dance to that sort of music – the first time it happened that is. (Will I ever find a place that plays actual hardcore dance music (let alone an even tougher criteria- you have to be able to follow the beat)?)

But what was a little ironic and weird was when they were fixin’ to play a country song and wanted everyone to dance and sing along. They prefaced it with “and now it’s time to let out everyone’s inner redneck.” (inner?).

Nowadays, I’m used to rap music masquerading as dance to the point where it no longer puzzles me but just makes me :mad:

I’ve never been, but my brother went to L’Arquer in Barcelona. It’s an ARCHERY BAR! :eek:

That’s right. Have a beer. Have a tapa. Play Robin Hood.

There this one neighbor hood bar that I used to go to that if a few patrons were to get in a fist fight; the bartender would just tell them “Hey cut it out!!” As opposed to calling the cops or at least telling them they need to leave like any normal bartender would do.

Also people pass around joints like it’s legal.

I don’t even want to get into the story about how I had to step over the passed out guy in the bathroom to get to the urinal.