What's this? Another Star Trek TV series reboot.

This time on CBS All Access. Premiering in January 2017.

Haven’t they gone back to the well enough times?

There’s no word on whether the series is a reboot or just a new series set in the Trek-a-verse.

And in my opinion, Trek is far better suited to TV than movies, so I’m far more optimistic about this than the next film.

Unfortunately, it looks right now like it’s only going to be on CBS All Access, so if you don’t subscribe to that service, you won’t get to see it.

I’ll give it a try. Heck, I watched Enterprise regularly and that was pretty painful, pretty fast.

It appears that Brian Fuller, of Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and Hannibal (and, I guess, more relevantly, a writer for episodes of Voyager and DS9) is going to be the showrunner… which bodes well.

Is it set in the awful reboot universe?

It was doing better.


Who is going to pay for CBS All Access just to watch Star Trek? I think this will doom the show to lack of viewers. I’m unlikely to subscribe to another streaming service for one show.

What’s your source on that?

The wikipedia article just says it’s not related to the movie coming out this year. It will feature no overlap characters, so aside from a couple of issues (does Vulcan exist or not? Will they ever reference Captain Pike or Khan, so will it matter if they answer which version?) it’s not really a relevant question.

This thread from a couple of months ago.

It’s nailed to its perch!

awful reboot universe and yet another streaming service-
Two strikes , it’s OUT!

[fighting ignorance] One is not out until three strikes. [/fighting ignorance]

Again, there’s no evidence if it will be in the reboot universe or not.

Will it be dark? And gritty?
Please say it’ll be dark and gritty.

I am so fucking tired of dark and gritty. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fan fic author wasted time showing sealots and nicitating membranes.
The time travel arc fellated with great allacrity. Some morons think that time travel makes good trek.