New Star Trek Series coming January 2017!

Some details here.

It will be set in the Movie continuity. Alex Kurtzman is the show runner.

The bad news: while the pilot will on on CBS TV, the series swill be on their all access Streaming service which costs $5.99 a month. That part sucks and will make this show supplant Game of Thrones as the most pirated show on TV. Still, Start Trek needs to be back on TV so I am happy.

I refuse to sign up for All Access.

Hopefully CBS will eventually run the show on its regular commercial channel. Perhaps delayed by a few weeks. People that pay see it first. That would be fine with me.

I knew the studio made a huge mistake auctioning off all the Star Trek stuff. Nearly twenty years of costumes, props, ship models for filming from TNG.Deep Space 9 and Voyager, . All foolishly sold. It will be expensive replacing them.

The article says Kurtzman is involved, so the movies it’s based on are the new movies’ continuity. All those old props from STNG, DS9, etc. would be useless to them. It’ll all be bright glass and Apple stylings.

And lens flare.

I saw the first reboot movie. Where cadet Kirk becomes captain during an emergency. Haven’t seen the others.

So this Star Trek tv series will be entirely new for me. Should be interesting and fun to watch.

I’ve been dying for a new Star Trek series. I grew up watching TNG; I had to beg my mom to let me stay up late and watch new episodes once I was old enough to appreciate the show. I also loved DS9, though Voyager was hit and miss. I think the reason Enterprise didn’t do well was because it took a step backward where a huge part of the attraction of the franchise is getting to see all the amazing technology and the sense of exploration.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of the original series, and even though I saw and enjoyed both of the most recent movies, they don’t have that same feel of Star Trek. I didn’t get such a sense of wonder or exploration as much as action and spectacle. I enjoy those aspects of Sci-Fi, and I like them in Star Trek, but that’s also offered by pretty much any other franchise. That distinctly hopeful, optimistic outlook that Star Trek offers just wasn’t there.

And I get that the whole dark gritty thing is en vogue right now; hell, I’ve quite enjoyed a lot of the darker reboots that I seen, and even many of the ones I didn’t care for wasn’t because of that style. But a grim future where Vulcan has been destroyed, the Federation is headed by warmongers and building ships of war rather than of exploration. It’s still fun, and I’ll be seeing the next movie, it just doesn’t feel like Star Trek to me.

And in that sense, unless the next film does something to reinvigorate the hope and wonder to the franchise, I just don’t know how excited I can be about a show in that universe. At this point, it would just feel like another Sci-Fi space show, and not like a new Star Trek series. I might even watch it, if not for the fact that I’d have to pay to see it, but I’d still be hoping for a new Star Trek in the vein of the ones we got through the 90s.

Yes please no grim, dark blah blah. I want optimistic Star Trek please! Dark times call for Optimistic entertainment.

The very last line of the article says the show would not be related to the new movie. So it’s not necessarily in the new continuity. Also the lens flare is an Abrams thing, not a Kurtzmann thing.

It says that the series will not be related to the upcoming film, not that it won’t be in the film’s continuity. The executive producer was involved in writing and producing both of the new Star Trek films, and not with the prior films or series; it won’t be in the prior continuity.

Also, the lens flare comment? May have been been a joke. Possibly.

Don’t know whether to be excited or scared. The 1st Abrams movie felt a bit like Star Trek, but the 2nd didn’t really at all. (Decent movie, just not a Trek movie). But really, I think Star Trek shines as a series, not movies. So maybe there’s hope. I just don’t want to pay to see it. So I’ll watch the 1st ep and then wait for dvd/netflix.

Amen to that.

I’ll definitely tune in, but I’m not getting my hopes up. There’s as much to cringe about in the recent movies as there is to love, and even the best ST series took awhile to find their legs.

Berman’s out, per Berman, so we’ll see how that goes.


In my book, ‘new movie continuity’ is an oxymoron because that universe doesn’t make any sense within itself. All sci-fi hand waves away science problems, of course, but the reboot can’t even do that well.

Although it’s an amateur offering, I prefer the occasional new episode of a web series I learned about on this board -*** Star Trek Continues***, which is made by people who know the Star Trek universe so much better than Kurtzman, Abrams, et al.

Yes, it should be.

It probably won’t be, though.

I’ll give it a try. Putting it on a new pay-streaming service might help quality actually, as they’ll presumably be more interested in getting buzz and a loyal following than high-ratings per se.

Can’t be worse than Enterprise, in anycase.

Enterprise was five hundred trillion times better than Voyager!

But still not that great, yah.

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I hope your unintentional (Freudian?) typo isn’t anything predictive, but I fear it might be.

Cap the budget per episode at $500,000.
Make them rely on story telling and not effects.Like the way they did back on ToS.

Ha! Just a typo. I actually have high hopes for this. Just hate the business model.

Anyone else notice that the linked article had more on the jobs of CBS All Access than on the show?
I’ve been watching Star Trek from the first episode of TOS, but I haven’t forced myself to watch the second new movie yet. The first one lost me when their Spock decided that the death of his planet was a good reason to go into happy happy joy joy mode.

If these guys were around when Gene was pitching the show they probably would have told him that nothing so positive could ever make it on television.

Suddenly my interest has increased.