What's this nasty virus?

I started getting lot of e-mails to the effect that the address I sent a message to no longer exists; invariably, these were for messages I had not actually sent and out of curiosity, I opened the attachment to see what was in these messages.

My screen seized up. Lots of Type Twister messages to the effect of “I love U” and “U are my best friend” popped up over the existing screen image, which started shaking. Now the computer is running sluggishly, and my old McAfee antivirus (which I elected not to update as an ongoing monthly bill situation) isn’t doing dick.

Is this a well-known virus? What horrors do I have to look forward to between now and when I haul it into the shop? Are my thousands of (legitimately acquired) mp3’s going to disappear when the repair shop is finished? Is there some well-known online patch I can download to fix this? Help?

At a guess: vbs.loveletter Here’s the fix.

Do yourself a favour and do a free online virus scan at Housecall.

Then install a virus scanner. There’s really no excuse, as AVG is still free. and works, if you take a minute each day to manually check for updates. (You can set it for automatic, but I prefer to check manually.)

I changed my mind. I think it’s the Yaha virus.
The fix is here.

The rest of my previous post still applies. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll check these out!

Yeah, that one’s all over the place. I found it in my in-box regularly a couple of months ago and just got another one today but never opened them so no harm done. Never open strange attchs. I don’t even open junk e-mail at all. Filter like mad and straight to trash!
I also run the AVG mentioned above (and occasionally Housecall for good measure). It’s very good if you keep it updated and it’s free!

Looks like it was Yaha, and it cleaned right up!

Housecall has some problems loading, but I’ll try AVG next. Thanks!