I got a virus. Anyone else get this one? What's its name? Is a virus scan enough?

About 3 hours ago I checked my e-mail. 46 messages from the last time I checked, about 2 hours earlier. None of them were from anyone I knew, and some of them were pretty nasty, as if I had said something insulting. There was no text that confirmed anything, just a bunch of e-mail links, and some mention of domain names.

I called my IP. They told me that was a virus going around, which reads your address book and then sends then e-mail. They told me that I would need to go to a computer shop to get it fixed.

I called a friend of my dad’s, who is the oldest techie-mechanical nerd I know (kind of looks like the father of one of the nerds in the “Revenge of the Nerds” movie). A retired engineer who have been playing with home computers since they have had them. Well before Apple. He asked if I had a virus shield, which I do, MacAvee. He then said to run it. That should fix the problem, and that is what a computer shop would likely do as well.

I did it. I checked my e-mail again. No disturbing messages, except for the “increase your cock size to scary proportions” and “get out of debt” variety.

So I ask again all of the questions in my title. Plus, what else should I do?

Is the subject “You’re using my old e-mail address”?

If it’s that, it’s not a virus. I’ve been getting those messages, too. It seems that someone signed up many of the e-mail addresses on the SDMB (or the TempSDMB) for some stupid mailing list, or something like that. There’s a thread about it in ATMB. I tried to unsubscribe and the message just bounced back to me. The messages seem to have stopped, though.

The thread you want is over here. It’s nothing to get hysterical over.

I’ll close this and refer everyone to the ATMB thread that evilhanz linked to.

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