What's this song in the movie "Stripes?"

There’s a thread in MPSIMS about songs that get stuck in your head, and it made me realize that in the SDMB I have finally found a place to ask this question! :slight_smile: This bit of song gets stuck in my head quite frequently, and quite randomly: it’s at the start of the movie, when Bill Murray’s character is heading back to his car (right before it gets repossessed) with the dry cleaning and a pizza. He’s kind of singing out loud to himself, something like:

One of these days, everything that I want’s gonna be mine
But if it ain’t, that’ll be alright as long as there’s sunshine
And a (big old balloon??)

Anyone know if this is a real song, and, if so, what it is? Or at least, what the heck is he singing at the end of that line?!?

Something by someone names Mel McDaniels. I couldn’t get the site to open all the way, but Google will have the scoop for you.

The song is “Big Ol’ Brew.”

Took me a long time to figure that one out myself because of the way he sings it!

“…as long as there’s sunshiiiiiiiiiiine, and a big ol’ buh-rew…”


He’s saying, “And a big ole brew.” Which is also the title of the song. See the full lyrics here (you’ll have to scroll a bit). I remember hearing the song on the radio many, many years ago, but the only version that sticks in my mind is that bit from Stripes. :rolleyes:

Of course, there are several memorable musical moments in that film.

Ramis: “I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still . . .”
Spanish Class: “Da-do-da ron, ron, ron, da-do-da ron, ron!”

Wow! Simultaneous posts and even the same link! :eek:

Kalhoun: thanks for assuming that I didn’t try Google before posting my question here. :rolleyes: I know that some people don’t look elsewhere before asking stuff here, but a little benefit of the doubt would have been appreciated (and I also don’t see anything wrong with asking a question here instead of Googling it, but that’s covered in another thread). I guess my searches just sucked.

ElectricZ and Winston Bongo: thank you!! :slight_smile:

That’s a fact, Jack!


I’m not totally sure that Kalhoun was being snarky:

You had the artist’s name provided to you, which you didn’t know before, so that’s something, and the statement that the site wouldn’t load for him. No rolleyes or anything.

Perhaps no snarkiness was intended, but his post implied that finding the info I was looking for would be as easy as Googling the artist’s name. 105 results came back, and short of clicking every single link there was no way to know which one would tell me which song of his was in Stripes – heck, even the link that was provided here didn’t mention Stripes. Variations of the artist’s name and the word “stripes” also didn’t work. If Kalhoun knew enough about the site to know that it wouldn’t load for him, he could have given me the URL and/or song title. So I figured he was just being snippy…rolleyes or no.

GMTA – that’s all there is to it, Winston! :slight_smile:

Does that mean we’re through for today, Sarge?