What's Tony Kornheiser's Canada fetish all about?

So I am a regular viewer of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption with Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. Great show, and I think they have a great chemistry. However, at the end of virtually every show, Kornheiser says something like “Goodnight, Canada,” or waves a Canadian flag. I know he’s from New York, but is there a story to why he does this?

PTI doesn’t end at 6 anymore. It goes directly to SportsCenter, then they come back for The Big Finish. But Canada doesn’t carry that last big of the show, so he bids them goodnight early.

Nice one Marley23. For some reason I checked Wikipedia after posting and found this:


Where do you think I got it? Sorry I didn’t post the link.

…which neither of us did, actually. Here’s the link.