What's up with black people, dating, and marriage in adulthood?

I’m obsessed with black people, mainly because I am not one and because their culture is always present but separate from mainstream white culture. I was talking to my black coworker the other day about marriage and dating in black culture, especially in adulthood (he’s in his mid-thirties and has never been married). He claims that it’s a total wasteland for middle-class black adults after about age 25 - there simply aren’t women around that aren’t “hos” (the type of promiscuous/party girl you’d meet at “the club”), “damaged goods” (had a kid when they were a teenager, now have two or three kids from different fathers at age 35’ish), or those that are undesirable physically and/or personality-wise. He scours tons of personal sites and tries, but he said it’s just a total wasteland, and that that’s what it’s like for blacks all over.

Why is this? Is this mainly an urban phenomenon? It’s true that you don’t seen to see as many married black couples, and almost any black guy I’ve known in his twenties or thirties was single.

What’s up with that?

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I don’t think it is an invalid or forbidden topic. This subject gets covered in mainstream news magazines and studies pretty regularly. However, it is usually told from the black female perspective and the difficulties in finding a male to get married and have children with for the long-term. The premise is basically true so I don’t see why the Pit should factor into things.

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I’m sure this was another of your posts hoping to garner outrage, but I’m going to try to answer you without assuming you’re an utter retard:
My experience contradicts yours. Pretty much every black guy I’ve known over 30 is married (to black women who didn’t have kids as teenagers). I live in an urban area with a very high percentage of African-Americans in the population. Maybe the problem with your friend is that he’s an asshole who buys into stereotypes about black women, and that’s why he can’t find a date. That’s what it sounds like to me, anyway.

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Seriously, VCO3, if you are this fascinated with Black culture, I suggest you get to know a few more black people…get to know them really well…and have some dialogue with them on these issues.

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Hmm, among middle-aged blacks, all the good ones are taken.

How does this differ from people of other races?