What's up with Mozilla?

Anyone else having trouble opening Mozilla? Mine has been having lots of problems the last few days, and now I can’t even open it. I know a new version is supposed to be coming out soon-- could this be related to the new release?

I don’t think it’s related to version 3, if that’s what you’re talking about. Many times in the past, I’ve found that an update to one of my add-ons can cause Firefox to have problems. Frequently, I’ve had to resort to having to start Firefox in safe mode to get it to start up so that I can disable my add-ons (I’m currently running with only two because of a recent flaky update to one I had installed).

Hmmm. I haven’t added anything on to my version for some time. How do you start it in safe mode?

Mine was updated to RC2 or three and I have had no prior or subsequent problems with it on either Vista or Ubuntu.
If only I could say the same for Opera, Maxthon, Slimbrowser and Netscape.

It might not be a new add-on, it could simply be an update to one you already have.

Safe mode is an option from the Mozilla Firefox menu (Start -> All Programs -> Mozilla Firefox -> Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode) on Windows).


Are you able to let us know which add-ons are creating problems for you? Sometimes I think Filterset.G updates cause issues.

In Windows, go to Start-All Programs-Mozilla Firefox. The safe mode option should be there.

No idea for Mac or Linux.

[hijack]The release date is Tuesday, June 17, and they’re trying to set a world record for the number of downloads.[/hijack]

Won’t start up in safe mode, either. Hope I can clear things up on Tuesday.

Seems to working OK after rebooting Windows. I probably should have just done that first.

A bunch have caused problems for me, mostly Japanese and developer related. My usual response to total failure is to disable them all and then add back a few that I consider critical, hoping that it wasn’t one of them. So, I can’t really identify which ones specifically have caused me issues, just the ones that haven’t. :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to v3! I hate having to periodically shut down Firefox to free up the gig or so of RAM that it’s lost to memory leaks, and I still experience a fatal crash at least once a day. [/hijack]