whats up with samclem GQ moderator locking down most of the threads?

this chumps on a power trip or what?

The problem is, you speak in “Rap” Here, it is asked that members converse in English. Since no one can understand a word you say, not one can answer your questions.

Wrong forum for this question. Try About This MB or The Pit

oh no… look around… they’re all locked down.

Say what? This is a question, with a factual answer, which I just gave. Now that the question has been answred, it should be closed. :slight_smile:

But really, there are no closed threads on the front page. The problem lies with you, rewind, not the moderator.

The only threads I’ve seem him close recently are yours. This should tell you something.

For the record, there have been 6 (out of about 170 threads) in the last 2 days.

2, including yours, were nonsensical and in the wrong forum

1 was a duplicate topic of threads already going in other fora

1 was closed at the request of the OP

and 2 were closed because the factual question had been answered and irrelevant 9and in one case contentious) hijacks had taken over.

In other words, sam was doing his job.

This can only end badly. . .

Because all the threads you’ve been posting lately have been the result of drunkenness or stupidity, I don’t claim to know which.

They’re not mutually exclusive.

My money’s on the second.

Depends on the outcome…

All questions and complaints regarding board administration should be posted in the BBQ Pit. I have not noticed the threads of which the OP complains, but if the OP is representative, I understand why they were closed.

I will move this thread for you before its obvious misplacement becomes an embarrassment.

[ /Moderator Mode ]

It is.
rewindforward, you seem to get a kick out of posting nonsensical threads all over the place when drunk. SkipMagic and the others have been very kind, but nonetheless have made it clear you should not do that. If you want to post incoherent babbling, get yourself your own blog and have at it.

That’s my 2c worth anyway. I am not a mod, so my opinion in no way reflects official policy, etc, etc.

rewindforward, try posting more than two or three lines that consist of “7-11 sucks.” That’s a good first step.

Seriously, man, it’s not hard to get along here, but you’ve got to make some effort.

The reason samclem locks down most threads is the same one behind all mod thuggery: it makes his wee-wee feel tingly.

Yes, rewindforward, the chump’s most definitely on a power trip. In fact, all the Mods are. Hell, that stormtrooper giraffe alone has got us all so terrified of his endless tongue we don’t dare talk about anything we really want to talk about, like how drunk we all are, and how outrageous it is that 7-11 wants eight bucks for a bag of chips and dip.

We’ve tried and tried to put these important ideas forward but inevitably end up squashed like ants beneath the Mods’ bootheels. There’s no hope. If I were you I’d give up and try another board.

That’s it! You’re banned. As is anyone who read your post.

*:: eyes everyone suspiciously :: *

:: raises hand timidly ::

Um, sir? Mr. Moderator? Didn’t you read that post too? So don’t you have to ban yourself?

Just askin’ is all.

:: scurries to back of class ::

So how did that make your wee-wee feel?

Just askin’.