What's with all the Timeline Commercials?

You know the ones I mean. The commercial starts out in some time in Earth’s distant past (the fifties, usually), and as the spokesmodel/product passes the screen, the music fades over to a different era, people spontaneously become hippies. Then the Disco starts, then some 80’s thing, until finally the product has evolved into the present.

Britney had one with Pepsi.
Shaq was apparently at a Burger King that moved in a geological time frame.
I just saw a time-travelling Mercedes-Benz.
And I’m almost sure I’m forgetting something.

It was cute, the first couple of times, but the recurring motif has begun to annoy me.

What say you?

Just adding some others…

There was one for plastics. It showed women thru the ages shopping for food, with the tag line being how plastics keep food fresher.

There’s a newer one, for some floor cleaner, showing women (again!) thru the ages on their hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Is it for Swiffer, maybe?

I do like the one on Nick at Nite, playing the “I Love Lucy” theme to different beats (50’s, 60’s rock, 70’s disco, all the way up to a rap version). I think it’s cute.

Maybe we’re in a nostalgia mode. :confused: They are entertaining and eye catching. Just what the marketers want!