Okay, Then. Let's Do Your All-Time FAVORITE Commercials!

Doesn’t matter how old they are.

Here’s mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk11Acjofu8

Go back or come forward as you need to!



The John West Salmon “Bear Fight” ad
“Look! An Eagle!”
Still one of my faves.

The Mug Root Beer “Dumass” commercial:


My siblings and I were howling with laughter when we first saw this ad.

I don’t know how to make links from youtube, but maybe someone else can do this one: my favorite, from the early 60’s, is the New Country Cornflakes commercial with the characters from Grant Wood’s American Gothic singing the song.

One of my favorites is this one for Jeno’s Pizza Rolls. For you youngsters out there, it’s a parody of a previous commercial for Lark cigarettes, which had a car driving around with a sign asking people to hold up their packs of Lark’s. Using, of course, the William Tell Overture, which was the theme for the Lone Ranger TV show.

You mean this one?

I can’t youtube from work but the one for ETrade that has the infants on the computer with a dubbed in conversation. They’re talking and one wants to break out in song, “clear the golden pipes”, and the other is trying to stop him.

Take, these brokenwings,
and fly away…

I’ve seen it a dozen times and still crack up every time.

I can’t link to youtube from work, but you can find one of my all-time favorites just by searching for “Bud Light Swear Jar.” (Web commercials count, right?)

“Oh, poop.”
“Doesn’t count.”
“Fuck you, Bob!”

The Honda Civic commercial with the music box music and the shots of people and the cars they looked like.

I so loved that commercial!

Yes, thank you!

I know it’s been linked around here before, but I never get tired of this IKEA lamp commercial.

Another one I just thought of: the Mitsubishi commercial with the taiko drumming. I know it’s a car commercial, but I don’t care. Taiko drumming is badass.

Actually, speaking of car commercials, I’ve found that Lincoln ads tend to have pretty decent songs. Like Shiny Toy Guns’ remake of “Major Tom.”

I really love this old Peugeot 206 ad.

Great googily moogily!

This one!

That’s a great one.

The Thais made a lot of my favourite commercials:

Super Dramatic Beer Advertisment
Why you should always have small change on you

I laugh everytime I see this one

bud light and porno

There was, I believe, a Swatch commercial that I really liked. It involved a grey or brown snake slithering, looking around then disappearing behind a rock. It sheds its old skin and comes out colorful and dances cheerfully. I looked on Youtube but didn’t find it.

Mc Donalds Little Sister.

What? I got dust in my eyes.

It will never win a Clio, but anyone who was in Chicagoland about 25 years ago will cringe at the thought of the “newsboy” kid shreiking out “Extra! Extra! Long Chevrolet has cars! Extra! Extra! Long Chevrolet is making deals!” as he reads headlines off the newspapers he’s holding. Simple shtick for a kid to handle - read a headline, toss the paper, read off another headline, and so on.

That’s not the favorite ad. The favorite was when they decided to retire the newsboy character and picked an interesting way to tell the kid. The ad carries on with the usual “Extra! Extra!” yelling until the he reads “KID GETS PIE IN FACE” off the paper. <SPLAT!>

I swear, you could hear the cheering in the streets that night.

I have to give points to ROCKY BALBOA.

I came in refusing to even take the idea seriously, and over the course of the commercial got convinced that it was going to work – primarily because it’s relying on all those potential complaints: yes, it says, he’s old and slow and it’s ridiculous to think he could even put in a decent sparring session, and that’s why everyone is laughing at the whole premise; all he’s good for these days is straining to lift weights, and so of course he’d be mocked and underestimated while concentrating on just building up enough strength to make a solid punch dangerous – and when you finally get those shots of the outmatched underdog in the ring with Eye Of The Tiger playing, he’s getting smacked upside the head like you’d expect but genuinely looks brawny enough to plant his feet and hit back just once like old George Foreman…

…or die in the ring, maybe. But maybe he could score the upset after all.