What's with all the white cars by San Diego Bay?

So I’m looking for the USS Midway in San Diego Bay and first I see what looks to be a heck of a lot of white cars parked together. Is this some sort of drop-off point for foreign-built vehicles? Was the White Car Club meeting that day?

I think that it’s a port that has just received a shipment of cars from overseas. You can see car-carrier railcars there as well.

None are mine!

Those all appear to be the same make/model from what I can see; perhaps it’s a parking lot for a fleet of service vehicles?

This is speculation on my part but it appears there is a car transport ship docked adjacent to all the white cars. I suppect these are Japanese imports, recently off-loaded and awaiting rail transport north (note the rail yard on the other side of the cars). I also suspect that white is the most common of car color.

The Navy typically uses white vans of various types as its fleet vehicles, but that looks like too many. The container ship answer is probably better.

Jeez! That’s a lot of white cars!

I do see a few that seem two-tone, which is making me wonder if these are actually a regular assortment of colors, but with the white protective plastic wrapping still on them.