What's with that giant glove?

Every once in a while, on tv, I notice a huge baseball glove at the top of the stands in the back during a game. The park I’m sure of it is SanFrancisco, but maybe at othrers also. Its three dimensional, not a picture.
I don’t really follow baseball, but the tv is on while I’m doing other things so I kniw zilch the game and all the stuff that goes with it.
So, what’s that big ol’ glove all about?

It’s a giant glove made of cement or some similar material. Basically, it’s there for aesthetics, but IIRC if a player ever hit a home run that struck the glove (a massive, massive shot) then the entire stadium would win a Coca-Cola, or something like that.

This page has a nice picture of the glove. It’s behind the left field bleachers. (The ‘outfield’ shot on that page looks to be taken from near the glove).

That does look real. In fact, looks kina like someone took a real glove and some hobby railroad props and built a diorama around it. :slight_smile:
Aren’t there such things at other ballparks? I seem to remember a target with a hole for the bull’s eye.