What's With These References to Bing Crosby Being an Abusive Father?

On both Family Guy and Saturday Night Live I’ve seen references to Bing Crosby being a loving but abusive father (if you can use both words in the same sentence).

On the SNL reference, ISTR it was supposed to be a Bing Crosby Christmas Special. Bing talks to the camera about this-n-that, and one of his sons enters the room and says “Dad, I have a problem with yada yada yada.” Bing says “Well son, let’s go into my den and see if we can solve your problem.” As they walk off-stage, Bing’s going for his belt. You then hear a swish and a cry off-camera. Then, both men walk back onto the stage, Bing fastening his belt. Another son enters a little later, same sequence. This happens about four or five times.

On the Family Guy reference, Peter is arguing with his father about his being emotionally distant. He says “Why can’t you be more like Bing Crosby?” Bing enters the room and the two men chat for a minute. Then Bing accuses Peter of getting mouthy and takes off his belt.

Where did these references come from? Did one of Bing’s kids publish a book accusing him of this kind of behavior? Or was Bing himself an outspoken proponent of corporal punishment? :confused:

Gary Crosby wrote a book alleging some pretty horrific abuse and I believe two of his other children committed suicide.

Then there were those pictures of Denise wrapped in cellophane…

I thought it was Gary who committed suicide.

From this [url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A2866025]article on Bing:

Presumably if Gary had been one of the suicides the article would have mentioned it.

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