What's with unlocking weaker weapons?? (BC2 and MW2)

In Bad Company 2 I’m close to unlocking the 3rd sniper rifle which has the same rate of fire, less accuracy and less damage than the unlocked-by-default rifle?

A similar thing can be said for other games. In my experience that would be MW2 (Modern Warfare 2).

Are the rating bars not an accurate reperesentation of how effective the weapons are in game?

And specifically what would be the point of using the 3rd unlock rifle over the default rifle in Bad Company 2?

It almost leaves me with no incentive whatsoever to gain points on this class (later sniper rifles don’t improve the stats much)

I don’t know about that weapon specifically, but often the visible stats don’t tell the whole story. There are other factors like reload speed, how fast the cross hair recenters, and some guns just have a different feel to them.

Of course, some weapons will end up being useless, but that’s the end result of having unlockable guns while still balancing things out so that the newest weapons aren’t straight upgrades.

I had the exact same thought when I unlocked the sniper rifles. I didn’t bother changing from the first one until I unlocked the GOL, which is marginally better. But persevere with the sniper unlocks and you will get the 0.50 calibre Barret which is a huge improvement specificaly at very long range because it has the flattest trajectory.

Nothing better than headshotting humvee drivers from the other end of the map on Aricia Harbour just as they start driving out of the spawn.

That makes me wonder - Today I was in a game and I fired at a helicopter. I got a ‘killed an enemy - 50 points’ and the helicopter fell out of the sky. Did I actually kill the pilot through the window???

At the time I had assumed my rifle had taken the last 3 percent of the heli’s health and shot it down. I didn’t assume you could simply take the driver/pilot out. So is it likely that that’s what I did?

Sometimes the game gets rebalanced and patched to show a difference. Before any patch, the best sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 2 was the WA2000. After the first patch, it’s the Barrett.

Either way, that gun not having the most power and most range is silly and nerfed only for balancing reasons.

Yeah, you can kill the pilot of the helicopter through the window in BC2… it seems to me it’s actually easier then destroying the helicopter - bullets don’t do very much damage to it and it’s hard to hit it with rockets (or tracer darts to make the rockets home in) while it’s relatively easy to unload on the front part and hit the pilot. I know I’ve been killed much more then had my helicopter destroyed, anyway.

As for unlockable guns, to be honest everyone seems to die so fast I’ve never really noticed a substantial difference between any of them anyway. Some are slightly more accurate, some shoot slightly faster, and some take 3 bullets instead of 4 (a difference of something like a 10th of a second) to kill but in the end it never seems to really matter. I just pick the one I like the look/sound of best.

Yes, it is possible to kill pilots on helicopters (and several other vehicles: if you see a person, you can kill him) by shooting them dead. If you had destroyed the vehicle itself you would’ve got +100 points for “destroyed a vehicle”.

As for unlocking weapons with “worse” stats: As has been mentioned before, there are several other factors to consider when choosing a weapon than the stats shown, such as reload speed, iron sight/sniper scope visuals, damage reduction over long ranges and bullet drop.

Some of the sniper rifles are probably better off in an urban enviroment where you have not as much distance and more cover. I like the default sniper rifle as well as the GoL, now I am waiting on the m35 to see what thats like.


You can take out the blackhawk pilot from the side window, the forward windscreen and the under windscreen at the bottom. When aiming , aim for the right side of the chopper rather than the left.

The russian gunship, I have taken out the pilot from the side only. Have been experimenting with different angles, but so far thats the only one. The apache, no luck yet on taking one down.


yeah, i thought just like you, until i realized there is legit reason to choose the 3rd rifle over the others. 1st of all, consider that all the differences between the bolt action rifles are very very minor. think about it, they all have very similar accuracy at long range, they all kill in 2 hits (1 in head) and they are all nearly as fast to cycle the bolt and to reload, the barretts extra damage is only even beneficial if you hit an enemy that was already shot, and the slight bit of extra damage the barrett gives you is just enough to finish him. so to answer your question, the stats dont show an important factor – capacity. the 3rd rifle shows weakest performance but has double the magazine capacity, 10 instead of 5, and its actually worth it because as i stated, its the same 2 shots in the body or 1 shot in the head no matter what rifle you use, but this way less targets will escape you during reloads, as you need to reload only half as frequently. and in MW2 the stat bars are not accurate. Infinity Ward buffs/nerfs guns but dont bother to change the stats at all. this explains why the P90 and 1887s used to be amazingly overpowered, and now arent that great, but have the same stats. in fact, after extensive testing i noticed the Intervention now provlides slightly more 1 shot kills than the Barrett, done for balance reasons, as the Barrett can be sprayed up close and holds 10 rounds instead of 5

i agree with the balancing of weapons, even if it means sacrificing realism, otherwise many weapons would simply never be used, taking away from the game and the ability to choose a weapon based on feel, not just how “good” it is. lets just hope that when the Barrett xM109 (25 mm cartidge, twice the size of a .50 which is 12.7 mm) is a 1 shot kill no matter what LMAO they could balance this by giving it nasty recoil and a smaller magazine than other guns in any game, call of duty or future battlefields.