What's Worse Than the Crematorium Guy?

Someone who kills people and mixes them with pork products.


Theme song for the victims:
“I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner…”

I know the family of one of the victims. This site is a more complete representation of the case and the victims.

Life imitates art. Back in the late '70s, there was a slasher movie whose title I forget, but the tagline was, “There’s all kinds of critters in Farmer Vincent’s fritters.”

The wacko in the movie did the same thing…

Ingedients: Pork, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Long Pork

Motel Hell (1980, actually) with Rory Calhoun as Vincent Smith. He buried his victims up to the neck and force-fed them until they were suitable for “harvesting.” And the actual tagline was “It takes all kinds of critters…to make Farmer Vincent’s fritters.”

You know, I was originally going to entitle this thread: “Solyent Pork is made of people!” Or “People: it’s what’s for dinner” But I thought that might be kind of tacky.

The worst pies in Vancouver! Ah sir, times is hard…

What was the name of that movie where the chocolate contained people?

Unless my memory fails me, it was Consuming Passions, starring Jonathan Pryce, based on a play by Palin & Jones. Don’t remember the director.

In one of Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder novels (I recommend them highly anyway), he and a friend disposed of a body that way. Scudder gave up eating pork.