What's wrong with my kitten? (Cold? Eye infection?)

Okay, so the kitten still has a warranty on it and I can take it to the shelter to get it checked out this week, but I wanted to know, should I take off work or can it wait until Thursday when I can go without missing any work?

He sneezes sometimes (I hear him maybe twice, three times a day? Not often.) and purrs very loudly, although we did notice he was a loud purrer when we got him. So maybe he’s got a little cold. Thing is, one of his eyes also has some sort of issue - sometimes it’s more closed than the other, and it seems a little extra teary, and he keeps grooming at it like it itches or something.

So what is the vet going to tell me? Cold? Allergies? Pinkeye?

I’d take hime in sooner - kittens are very apt to get upper respiratory infections. They can get out of hand quickly, but will go away fast if you can get antibiotics in him.

Good luck and where’s the kitten pix?

there are a few things it could be. with kittens you do have to move fast, i wouldn’t wait, they can decline quickly. if you don’t want to take the time off, check to see if your vet has “drop off” appts. sometimes if it is a sick or must see visit, you can drop off kitty and pick up kitty.

with my vet i could drop off when the office opens and pick up after work. they would check on kitty, observe, and do an exam when they could fit it in. they would call me with what is going on or i would get a full report when i picked up.

Poor little guy. His eye looks so itchy. :frowning: I’ll get him in tomorrow one way or another, then. It’s free at the shelter (he gets 2 weeks warranty) so I’d obviously much rather get him in there, although the Cat Clinic is much closer.

Maybe try a warm washcloth on his eye? I know some cats don’t like water but maybe the warmness might help or just piss him off. Let us know what they say tomorrow. Our cat Snickers meows, “Feel better little one”. :smiley:

I guess since he really is sick it was mean of us to start calling him “Booger”, huh? I mean, he just would not hold still for me to wipe it off!

oh boy! i’m with you on the eye gunk. they are fast duckers. malenka got so used to us degunking that she kinda likes it.

when i read your post i was leaning toward eye infect. kittens have troubles with them. the extra eye fluid going through tear duct will irritate noses.

good luck at the vets. i hope things go well.

Well, I called the shelter and they said just bring the paperwork and they’ll give me osmething for a kitty cold. Here’s hoping that’s what it is - I’m a little concerned that they don’t want to see little Booger. Well, if he doesn’t improve pretty fast I’ll take him to my vet.

I hope not, but it may well be feline herpes, very common. These are symptoms for that too, so be sure to ask, as they can test for it.

Good luck.

Cats are very prone to eye infections caused by Herpes virus. There are medications you can give to help clear them up.

Sometimes the tear ducts scar shut after an infection and the cat will have watery eyes all the time (one of my cats is like that).

Well, they gave me a bottle of powder I add liquid to to make a suspension and then give it to him in a dropper/syringe thing. The lady made it sound easy, but he did not like that. Not one little bit. I hope it helps - both of his eyes are so weepy, it’s so pathetic.

I have to do the regularly for my cats wormer medication. A couple of tricks I’ve found that seem to help:

  • Don’t try to force it; they will learn to dislike it. Actually, as contrary as cats are, holding it out but keeping it away from them seems to make them want to take it. I had a cat very upset, and refusing to take it, until I said forget it and went on to the next cat. Then he was back up, looking for his share of whatever ‘treat’ I was giving the other cat.
  • If all else fails, drip it onto his fur on the front quarters – he will lick it off there as soon as you let him alone, and much of it will get inside him. Not as good as squirting it into his mouth, but better than letting him go un-medicated.

Okay, his eyes look a bit better this morning, so that’s encouraging. He still is not so big on the idea of taking hims widdle medicines. Luckily he’s a tiny little creature, if fat in the bottom area, so it’s not like there’s much he can do about it. The inside of his mouth is almost creepily pink, however.

glad to hear things are looking better.

giving meds to cats really make you wonder how much of an advantage thumbs and higher iq gives you. they thwart them rather easily.

Well, that’s because you aren’t willing to hurt them. It’s the curse of the sentimental.

I think he’s okay now. His eyes are entirely better. Every so often he gives a little sneeze, but he seems fine.

Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t this a kitten story? Are there pictures? Hello?

Oh no! I’ve been remiss. I’ll start a new thread all about how they’re getting along so well now and upload plenty of pictures.