What's Wrong With This Picture: Redux

A while back I posted about my amusement over an “Over-40” dating service ad that I spotted on FaceBook (for those who don’t want to read the old thread, the picture accompanying the “over-40” ad in question appeared to be of a girl 14-16 years old).

Well, I’ve got some new ones, though this time it’s “Christian dating” ads!



Clearly, somebody isn’t paying attention to what photos get matched up with which ads :smiley:

My dad used to tell the story of the mutual friend who first got him and my mom together. The friend asked, “Are you looking to meet a good, Christian woman?”

He replied, “No thanks. I’m looking for a sinner to reform.”

I think that’s the market they’re after there.

Oh God!

Next thing you know, people will be saying that Christians are against sex!

Honestly I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Could you explain to this atheist why those photos don’t match the ads?

I’m a Christian and I have boobs.:cool:

We’ll take it on faith that the former is true, but I think we’d all prefer a little photographic evidence of the latter.


Modesty, something that is stressed somewhat in many religions. A dating site targeting Christians just seems a bit off pushing photos of women with a large amount of cleavage and the top of her bra cups showing (first photo) or posing in lingerie (second photo).

Also, the “Looking for Christian girls like her?” suggests that the photo just might be (though it probably isn’t) a pic submitted by one of the women on the site, and I find it extremely unlikely that a Christian woman looking for a Christian man on a somewhat public site is going to post cheesecake like that.

So you think a “Christian dating service” is aimed at people looking for devout and modest people? I’d have thought it was aimed at people who self-identify as Christians (which 78.4% of Americans do) and want to date “normal” people like themselves.

But I’d say people who would go out of their way to make sure to date other Christians would be more devout. A lot of Christians wouldn’t care if their date was Christian or not.

Well, it might lead to dancing.

I know someone whose Facebook photo has been pulled into dating service ads on the site without her permission. Can’t get there from work, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you exactly which ads they were.

I think some of y’all are being deliberately obtuse. There’s a difference between “self-identified” Christians and “devout, actively practicing” Christians. I’d wager a good percentage of those who “self-identify” as Christians are people who went to church when they were kids and nowadays maybe they hit church on special occasions/holidays, but otherwise don’t actively practice the faith.


To make my point about the photos in the ads a bit clearer, I went ahead and went to the site in question, made a profile, and found their photo submission guidelines. The guidelines included these rules:

(italics mine)

I’ve included the second one because I’m willing to grant that the woman in the second photo may be wearing a swimsuit and not a teddy. In any case, both of the photos from the ads appear to me to violate the site’s own rules for photo submissions. Also, looking closer at the first pic, and being familiar with Photoshop, the lower right corner appears to be blurred to conceal the fact that the woman is wearing little or nothing below the waist (though admittedly it’s hard to tell for sure with such a small image). Since these photos would likely be rejected if submitted by a site member, why use them for advertising?