What's you NEW favorite seasoning?

Feppytweed sent me a can of “Ronny’s Knock You Out The Door” seasoning a few months ago, and it’s become my new “go to” seasoning for all sorts of things: meats, pasta, salads, mac & cheese…this stuff brightens up everything. The ingredient list is nice and cryptic, but it has: salt, garlic, peppers, and a bunch of other stuff in it. I actually think I like this stuff almost as much as I do BaconSalt!

So, my fellow Doper cooks and Dopers Who Know Vaguely Where The Kitchen Is…what seasoning or sauce have you been playing around with lately?


I am one bad-ass cook. I can whip up wet burritos (think mexican lasagne) that will make you bitch slap your mother quicker than the life span of a boy band. I can make soups so velvety that you will be orgasming down your shaking legs. For me there is no greater all-around seasoning superior to Zeus. You ever been gang raped by flavor, and found your dirty little self loving it? Yeah, take it, bitch. This shit makes crack look like Sanka!

I guess what I mean is that it is pretty good stuff.

I just discovered the joys of cumin.

Yes, I haven’t been cooking for that long.

I’ve been playing around with the pungent asafetida in Indian cooking and Szechuan peppercorns. The latter are perhaps the weirdest spice I ever tasted: something like a cross between citrus, mint, and Novocaine (it makes your mouth tingly and numb).

Homemade Montreal seasoning

I don’t really have a NEW favorite seasoning… I am a fan of cayenne pepper on pretty much everything. For burgers, I have always used McCormick’s Salt-Free garlic & herb and All-purpose seasonings for a nice herby taste. That knock-you-out-the-door seasoning is a mainstay at the table side as well.

Mmmm… spices!

A tagine spice blend, which contains ginger, paprika, cinnamon, cumin, cayenne, and saffron. I haven’t made a “real” tagine yet, but I’ve used the spice blend in a lot of dishes that I made up as I went along.

Ah, Euthanasiast? What else is in the Zeus seasoning? (Jeeze, I got way too excited reading your description – were you channeling Tony Bourdain?)

There was an article in our local paper recently about verjus that intrigued both myself and my husband.

We attended the local Harvest Fair Award night gala on Saturday and sought out the verjus featured in the article. It was really delicious and unique. I’m heading off now on my lunch break with the intentions of purchasing a bottle of it, and the Kendall-Jackson Olive Oil that took best of show (also really delicious.)

Looking forward to using both soon in some recipes, salads, etc.

I’m growing oregano, rosemary, thyme, and chives. Having that stuff calling to me from the backyard tempts me to use it in dishes that don’t really call for those herbs.

I’m tiptoeing aroung the edges of curry; I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s fun.

Two days ago, my wife bought some mango horseradish. I’m thinking pork.

I suppose even a Siamese cat would laugh at my “Thai” dishes. I’m entertaining myself, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not exactly a new or exotic thing, but lately I have been experimenting with fennel seed.

I really love hot Italian sausage, and the taste of it in there, so I and have been testing for the limits of how much is a good think, and how many things I can put it in.

Mr. Neville and I have found that asafetida produces a long-lasting stink in the kitchen. We may try cooking with it again now that we have a better kitchen fan, but once was enough back when we were living in our apartment.

My Luna (who is a Siamese mix) wants to try them, especially if chicken, turkey, beef, or fish are involved. Though she usually gets those raw and unseasoned when we are cooking something with them…