What's your battle cry?

When you jump into the fray, whether it be to pounce on your unsuspecting SO, or to sneak up on your buddy at his desk at work. What do you cry out to the heavens to speed you on to victory?

For me, it’s either, “Tummy!!!” (reserved for my sweetie), or “Bahbipidibaba!!!” (pron. BAH-bip-pid-deh-BAH-BAH)

So, what’s your battle cry?

Here’s also a good oppurtunity to make one up. Provided that you use it from this day forward. :slight_smile:


…sorry; but someone had to say it, and since I was first:

neener, neener, neener…

oh, BTW…The Tick…

Not in the face, not in the face!!

It’s ok to play with dolls!

The Tick cartoon was the best. :cool:

When I decide that the family dog is in need of a little attention, I throw myself at him and yell, “PUPPEEEEEEE!!!”

With my sweetie… well, I don’t have a battle cry so much as a battle whine. I just jump on him and say, “Love meeee… Kiss meee… Snuggle meee…” He loves it. Really. :wink:



I prefer a simple, primal, wordless shriek.

Works well, sometimes I get better reactions from the battle cry than from the actions it portends…

Wakka ding hoy :stuck_out_tongue:

You have no chance to survive make your time!

Means its time to rumble whenever its uttered in my group of friends.

I tend to use “Kaaa!”, or that’s my attempt to spell it anyway. It sounds beastial or foreign depending on how you intone it, and it works for me.

(As you can tell, the frays I jump into tend to be of a lighthearted nature and not “battle” type frays.)

I don’t have one for forays with MOS … but I do tend to say “GAAAAAH!” a lot.

It’s traditional to yell “BOO!” as you pounce on your unsuspecting friend… and it’s equally traditional to yell “Eek!” or “Radley!” in reply (we’ve all seen the movie To Kill a Mockingbird and read the book)

My personal battle cry is “Cave felem!” from my old sig, or (more often than not) something like Tisiphone’s wordless primal shriek.

Gah. Put in an “around here” right after “BOO!”…

[sub]Preview is my friend. Preview is my friend. ctrl+c, ctrl+v, repeat ad nauseum.[/sub]

Run away!! Run away!!
No… wait … that’s when I am being attacked :o

When the kids were younger it used to be,


which would send them scuttling to every corner of the house to hide. I only ONCE got the chance to use the bloody thing on one of their bums, and the bugger BROKE in the process (which caused the ‘victim’ to burst into laughter of course).

In more recent times, the cry is a more restrained:


But at least they clear the house rather than put up iwth a stern talking-to!

I dunno if it’s really my battle cry perse, but my Pokemon name is Kia.

ding-a-ding-dang ma dang-a-long-ling-long (with due credit to Ministry and Gibby Haynes)

WU-HA! (with due credit to Busta Rhymes)

EEWEE! (which is all my own work)

Riding into battle on an 1100cc: Yeeehaawwwww! (guess the childhood influence)

Bar brawl instigated by other: Take a number! (John Candy in Who’s Harry Crumb)

Or when it looks like it’s really gonna go down: Bring it on, cock-snot!

Bar brawl I’m instigating: Tawakeeee! (pronounced ta-wa-kay, a Japanese epithet meaning “You blithering fool,” a biting insult)

Lovin’ battle cry: Woman! Prepare to get what you deserve!

“Retreat! Retreat!”