What's your biggest dating disaster?

My contribution, which may not be a “date” per se but I think it works fine:

My last relationship was the dreaded LDR (long-distance relationship, for the uninitiated). He lived in Missouri, I in Virginia. I took the trip to visit him for the first time and spent my spring break in bliss (or in as much bliss as one can achieve in Missouri :D). On the last day of my visit, we went out to a Japanese steakhouse that, unbeknownst to me, has a reputation for giving people gastrointestinal difficulties. Now I must pause here to say that I do not have a weak stomach. Sure, I get my bouts of heartburn like everyone, but for the most part I can handle just about anything you throw at me. Hell, I even ate steak tartare (raw beef, mmmmm) without the slightest problem some years back.

This steakhouse, though, it would have brought the strongest man to his knees. Felt fine leaving the place, was a little queasy that night, but nothing serious. Come the next morning, when it’s time to roll out and get me to the airport, I know something is seriously wrong. I hovered around my then-boyfriend’s bathroom for about an hour, until we realised we couldn’t wait any longer to leave for the airport. I slept in the car the whole way with the windows wiiiide open to keep myself from throwing up – to no avail. When we reached the airport, I made a mad dash for the bathroom and rid my poor self of the nasty sick-making food. This was a very small regional airport with a very small bathroom, and apparently the entire waiting area at the gate was treated to the sounds of my stomach troubles. :stuck_out_tongue: Josh was mortified and very, very worried about me, but didn’t have any choice but to put me on the plane and watch me go back to Virginia. That plane ride was the worst of my life – I was convinced I’d have to avail myself of the airsick bags, but somehow I survived. I’m lucky Josh wanted to see me again after this spectacular departure. :smiley:

Who’s next?

Well, this isn’t my biggest dating disaster, but since I just posted it on another forum, I might as well post it here, since you asked.

I fell into my co-worker/dance partner’s lap at the end of a company dance. As she was being seated she inoportunely held my arm for balance, pulling me down. It was an elaborate scene for a couple of minutes and got worse when others lunged to help, and her dress slipped half off her shoulder. I quickly stumbled out and thought I could never look her in the eye again, but she found the event exciting and called me that night to talk dirty.

Well, there was this one date, with me, my man, and the priest. We all looked really nice, but–and trust me here—that date was a mistake heretofore unparalleled in the annals of mistakedom. :wink:

[sub]::gloating over actually finding a use for the word heretofore::[/sub]

It’s ninth grade. I’m one of those EVil Nasty Public School Kids in a parochial school where I don’t know anyone. I start hanging out with a girl who’s in my art class, and who doesn’t react to me with automatic disdain.

She finds out I’ve never been on a date, and decides to get me a boyfriend, because, as we all know, no woman’s life is complete without a man. She fixes me up on a double date that consists of her and her boyfriend, and me and some guy from her math class that she doesn’t really know, but she thinks we’d be a cute couple. We’re set to go to the movies and see Titanic (gag).

I show up. She and Boyfriend show up. We stand around for about twenty minutes, no Random Guy. We eventually give up when the movie starts.

I’m kind of pissed because I got stood up on my first date. And I’m sickened because she and her boyfriend start making out in the seats right next to me ten minutes into the movie, and DON’T STOP until the credits roll. Eventually I get the hell out of there and go home.

On Monday, I find out that Random Guy has an ultra-religious father who found out he was going to the MOVIES with -gasp- GIRLS, and locked him in his room.

Cue porn music! Bwam chicka bam chicka chick bwam bam…

I had a major crush on a woman I used to work with. On Valentine’s Day I gave her flowers and invitied her to a play that was opening in about a week. She said yes, so I called the box office and reserved the tickets. Then a couple days later she sent me an e-mail asking if I could get another ticket so she could bring a date.

Is that disasterous enough for y’all?


I was in the Navy, going thru my avionics schools in Millington, TN. No car. No easy way to get off-base. I was invited to go on a picnic by a guy I’d met in the chow hall. There was to be a bus taking everyone to the picnic.

Turns out it was some church-sponsored event and they were determined that no one would leave till all were saved. It was like being held hostage. I found the whole thing to be uncomfortable at best - I felt I’d been duped. I managed to get out of there with my heathen Catholicism intact and I never saw that guy again.